Brotherly Love (17)


Lydia was at her desk lost in thought. She had woken up a bit late this morning. Quickly, she had rushed to take a shower and get prepared for work. Then she remembered she had bought a new phone for Andrea so Lydia decided to pass by her daughter’s room before heading out to work.
She had missed her little girl.
Lydia had been met with an empty room and a bed which looked like it hadn’t been slept in the night before. She had thought Andrea was taking a shower and had walked to her son’s room to give the phone to him so he could hand it over to Andrea after she was done with her shower. After a sudden sharp knock she had barged into the room to see the two in bed.
Lydia had been puzzled and for a moment was at a loss for words. Nana spoke up,
‘It’s nothing mum, ever since you travelled she has been sleeping at my end because she says its lonely at her end.’
Lydia looked at both children with eye brows raised in surprise before responding,
‘I see. I bought the phone for Andrea per your request. I will drop it off on the center table. I am off to work.’

Right from then she had had a funny feeling she couldn’t seem to shake off. Lydia reassured herself that nothing was wrong and shrugged. Then she called over the intercom asking that Senam come to her office immediately.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Nana punched hard at his room wall.
Last night it had happened again and to make matters worse mum had caught them in bed. She hadn’t looked enthused by the idea.
He gently knocked his head against the wall, allwoing his hand to slip to his side.
This was wrong!
So wrong!
Yet, he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about her. He wanted Andrea to know he was there for her, even if the world was against her.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Senam looked up from the screen of her Boss’ laptop and observed her Boss. She seemed to be really concentrating on whatever she was doing on her tab.
Lydia felt someone was looking intently at her. She looked up and saw Senam staring. Looking over the rims of her reading glasses, she asked.
‘Is anything the matter?’
‘No ma’am.’ Senam replied politely.
Lydia returned to look at the screen of her laptop. Senam did same.
After a moment of silence, Lydia stated,
‘Senam…I dunno much about you.’
Senam paused typing and asked,
‘What would you like to know ma’am?’
‘Anything you are willing to share about yourself.’
Senam smiled broadly.
‘Sure. Will you tell me a bit about yourself too?’
Lydia removed her glasses and smiled.
Senam noted she had a lovely smile.
‘Well, for starters I am a Christian-a child of God.’ Senam replied beaming brightly with a smile.
‘Aren’t we all Christians and children of God?’
‘Well I don’t think so.’ Senam replied.
‘Really?…tell me why.’
‘For one, you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour before you can qualify as a christian.’
‘Well, I have…I was baptised and blessed in a church when I was young.’
‘Boss, being baptised doesn’t necessarily mean you have a personal relationship with God.’
‘I see…so now..’ Lydia stopped midway because her phone began to ring.
She raised her hand up at Senam before answering the call and whispered,
‘We will have to continue this conversation.’
Senam smiled and returned to her work.

To be continued…

God bless you.

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