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Timing Is Everything


“Mummy, I’ve told you the grandchildren will come. In fact you will have more than you can handle. The time is not yet here,” Eddie answered his mother in a subtle tone; the lines shown across his forehead clearly telling his mom’s persistent asking was getting to him. Clearly, the interrogations were not going to end soon.

Are you lost? Ok…..okkk…..okay!!!! Try and catch up.

Edmund Gray, the only son of the distinguished Nobel Laureate, Prof. Kwamina Gray, was himself an excellent and meticulous business guru in the youth circles of Mensiso. A laudable student by all standards, he had attended the best of schools with the University of Ghana awarding him a scholarship to take his postgraduate degree in Corporate Law. Like his dad, he believed in making a living for himself when he turned 20. Ten years down the line, he was a successful unmarried entrepreneur who was making waves in many business circles.
The young man buried his head under the bulky pillows and let out a scream. 

“God, my old lady is at it again,” he garbled. 

Eddie had broken off a toxic relationship with his ex girlfriend-a flashy, eccentric and extravagant beauty. It had been 3 years since the break up and his mom who was in her early 70’s kept pestering him to get married and give her grandchildren. Eddie on the other hand had strong belief that God was working something out for him and was content enough to wait.
“You promised me that there was an appointed time and your plans for me are plans of good b…b…but,” he stuttered interrupted by the loud buzz of his cellphone. The number that appeared didn’t look familiar so he took his time to answer, sitting upright and clearing his throat to speak in his diplomatic tone.

Eddie : Hello. Good afternoon, Mr. Gray here.
Araba : Eddie, good afternoon. How have you been? This is Araba. Sorry Ms. Whiteman.
Eddie : Oh wow!! That’s a surprise. Ms. Whiteman. To what do I owe this august phone call?
Araba : Oh c’mon!! Call me Araba, we are way past the formalities. I only wanted to know if you were available for fellowship and dinner on Saturday.

Eddie didn’t know whether to jump or shout or laugh. The happy confused look on his face could tell the story. Araba was a Godly beauty, blessed with intellectual acumen. The two had met while at a conference a year back and had made acquaintances. After the conference Eddie kept in touch because the lady had struck a chord in his heart with her striking God-fearing beauty with brains but Araba had paid little attention after noticing his interest.
“I’d be available and I’d love that,” Eddie replied while Araba giggled. They talked a while, catching up on life before the call ended. Eddie was smiling the whole time but now the call was over he wanted to return to his talk with God. 

“Where was I……..but right now……,” in that moment he heard a still small voice saying, 

“Just believe and receive. The time is now. She’s the one.” 

It was too good to be true. He burst into laughter in disbelief although he knew within him that was the Holy Spirit talking.
“Thank You Lord” he mumbled as he lay on the bed. Moments later, Eddie jumped out of bed and shouted, 

“Mummy, the grandchildren are on their way.”

God bless.

God knows! God sees! God will always deliver in time!!!


One thought on “Timing Is Everything

  1. From the story we gather that Eddie ‘s mum has been on his neck a while concerning the issue at hand. His immediate reaction is talking to God, implying he had been at it a while. When we read these scriptures 1 John 4:2-3, 4:13; John 16:13-14, Acts 5:32, we get the understanding that the Holy Spirit guides us in all truth and testifies of Father and so you will know if the voice you heard is of God or not. Also bear in mind the faith aspects that come with hearing God as well.

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