Mobile Preachers

Today Love on the streets wants to celebrate a group of people who have decided to do what most of us fail to do. They have looked pass timidity and being spoken against to truly show love on the streets. Their acts of love need emulation. We believe you have ever had an encounter with at least one of them and so we will paint a few pictures to help you identify them.
Picture 1: Sitting in a lecture room and one of your colleagues decides in the absence of the lecturer to share the Word of God. He looks past ‘losing his/her dignity’ to save a soul.

Picture 2: Our second picture may cause a bit of controversy, but we still believe they are still spreading the Gospel. Traveling in a bus and a passenger requests from the driver to share the word with the other passengers. Granted the approval, he/she stays on his feet, forfeiting the comfort of a joy ride just to ensure someone hears about God.

Pictures 3: You visit a public place and a gentleman or lady is busily sharing the Word to all who can hear. There are those who are also moving round to proclaim God’s love to individuals.

We wish to call this group ‘Mobile Preachers’. They are not letting the confine of the four walls of a building prevent them from rescuing the souls that are being plunged into hell. They are indeed spreading the love of God far and wide. Today Love on the streets celebrates you.

Your labour of love has not gone unnoticed and we know our Father in heaven will duly reward you according to your Good Works.

God bless you



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