light writing

Faith In A Bottle


Naana had just gotten back from her ‘counseling’ session. She had left the house at dawn to go meet the spiritual man. Before leaving, she had made arrangements for breakfast for her family and quickly joined a bus at the station to enable her get there on time. Naana had not anticipated the crowd at the center. She had thought she would be in and out within an hour to enable her take on her domestic duties, but judging from the numbers she wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

Business had not been good lately. Naana used to make a reasonable amount from her petty trading and that had seen a drastic decline in recent months. She decided to confide in her close friend and neighbor, Gertrude. ‘Gerty, things have not been good the past few months and I don’t know what to do.’ Naana said. 

‘It is not as though I haven’t spent time praying too oooo. I am in church at dawn and in the evening but still nothing.’ She kept going on and on about how things weren’t going well even at home.

‘And my sister you are sitting down? Are you serious at all?’ Gertrude retorted. ‘So in these days that there is so much spiritual enlightenment you are letting evil spirits destroy you? As for me I have gone for my spiritual protection from Prophet Dum.’ Gertrude had concluded laying her hand on her friend. 

‘Prophet Dum? But Gerty I already attend a church, what would I need another prophet for?’

Gertrude explained how she had been experiencing some instability in her marriage and upon visiting the prophet it had seen improvement. She had been given a bottle of liquid and some advice on how to manage her marriage. ‘Since then, my sister, things have become better ooo.’ This aroused Naana’s interest and she had sought direction to the center. This was how she had ended up leaving her home very early in order to secure the service of the prophet. Her friend had entreated her to leave early since he saw to a lot of people.

After Arrival, Naana had sat there for over four hours waiting to meet up with the prophet. She was asked to pay a consultation fee before she was able to see him and she was adequately prepared. She had told the prophet her issue and he had prescribed a cream for which she was to purchase on her way out of the center. Naana had obliged, but with a little bit of hesitation. It had taken her another three hours to get home due to the heavy traffic in town.

She got home to meet her husband absent and her youngest child crying loudly. She hadn’t told her husband where she was going though she informed him she would be going out. Her husband had only thought it was one of her early morning dawn meetings only to realize she had passed her usual return time. He had gone out to get food to feed their children and decided on his return to go out in search of her since her phone had not been reachable. Naana had drained her battery while passing time at the center. Her husband had left the children in the care of their eldest daughter who was only nine.

Naana quickly picked the youngest child, dropped her stuff in the room and headed for the kitchen to prepare lunch for the family. She was in the process when her husband walked into the house. He realized she had returned and went straight to the kitchen. Out of anger he had confronted her whereabouts. Naana had tried apologizing but things quickly went out of hand. They were both screaming at each other and her husband almost threw a hand at her but held himself just in time before storming out of the kitchen. Naana started sobbing but continued her cooking-her babies needed food.

Things hadn’t gotten better since that day. There was so much tension between she and her husband; he was barely sleeping at home. Her business had not improved either- things were still the same. 

She had applied the cream as she had been instructed. 

So why weren’t things getting better?

 She got frustrated. This was supposed to be helping her home but it seemed to be doing the exact opposite-tearing it apart. Picking up the cream, she opened it and analyzed its content and package. She didn’t know why she had decided to trust in a cream to solve her issues. Naana realized she had belittled the Holy Spirit in her life.

 The cream had to go.

Too many times we find ourselves seeking some form of spiritual fortitude. Rather than being totally reliant on the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves trusting in oils, concoctions, cloths, holy water, porridge and the likes. The truth is though the Holy Spirit may work through these artefacts, we shouldn’t put our belief in it. No matter what you are going through, God knows.

God bless you.



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