Letters to God

Suit and Tie

Dear God,
I am getting ready to spend time in Your presence again. I must admit, it is always a joy being in Your presence and I always look forward to it, but… Yes Lord there is a but.

It is time for worship Father and honestly Lord I long for it not to happen today too. All this diplomacy I churn out when it is time to worship You is limiting me from having a personal relationship with You. Failing to sing out when I feel in my spirit to, failing to fall on my knees to worship, failing to dance when Your Spirit moves my feet, Lord let it all end.

Father strip me of this suit and tie, this diplomatic attitude that restricts my experience in Your presence. I want to be free to worship, free to move under the influence of the Spirit. Lord I want to experience You in a different way. Let this diplomacy go.

Your diplomatic son



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