Brotherly Love (16)

Nana dropped Andrea off at school since the driver had called at dawn to say his daughter was sick so he was rushing her to the hospital.
He had tried to avoid Andrea after the whole Sunday dawn incident but last night was a disaster. They had ended up together in bed again and it felt like the guilt he had felt after they first made love seemed to have decreased. She had said nothing to him as he drove her to school but had sent a text as soon as she got out of the car. He decided to read it later.
After the slow drive back home, he honked for Abu to come open the gate and parked in the compound. Then he unlocked his phone to read.
‘Nana, get condoms for us.’

Nana didn’t know what to do.
It hit him hard! Was he really sleeping with his sister? So much that she could ask that he get condoms?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Andrea couldn’t concentrate in class. She knew she would fail woefully at the surprise quiz the math teacher had conducted that morning. She felt so tingly all over. She remembered everything, his touch, his moan, her moan. She smiled as she tried to imagine the look on his face when he finally read the text he had sent to him.
She wished her mum would never return. Andrea battled with thoughts of guilt but comforted herself with the fact that Nana was showing her love-and that was all she needed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Lydia walked briskly through her reception to her office. The flight had been uneventful. She had opened her eyes halfway through the flight to see that her sitting partner never appeared. He or she might have missed the flight, she thought to herself and went back to sleep.
After landing and checking out of the airport, her whole body ached to be home on her bed but she knew she had to work on and finish a report on how the presentation had gone. She groaned.
‘Can I please help you ma’am?’ A sweet voice asked just as she unlocked her office door.
Lydia turned to see who that might be since she knew every worker in her department.
‘And who might you be?’ She asked the pretty lady who held out her hand to help.
‘My name is Senam, I am the new intern ‘ she replied.
‘I see… And for how long will you be around?’ Lydia enquired.
Senam froze. She hadn’t expected her new boss to be this stern.
‘Uhhh…just a month please.’ She replied quietly and let her outstretched hands drop to her side.
‘Ok, you are welcome. You can have my bag. I am to work on a report, I believe you can assist me.’
‘Yes ma’am.’

*** **** ****** *****

Lydia slumped onto her bed. She was exhausted. Senam had been of tremendous help and had helped her finish the report in exactly 2 hours, giving her enough time to get home and rest. The house had been empty when she arrived. She had wanted to scold Abu for not delivering her message but she was just too tired. She needed a warm shower but couldn’t seem to drag herself out of bed. She had tried reaching Nana while on her way home. He had told her he was out, seeing a friend and that he would get home much later after he had picked Andrea up from school. Lydia smiled to herself, her children were bonding. She began to think of what to cook for supper as she dozed off.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
‘Mum is home.’ Nana stated as soon as Andrea let herself into the car.
Andrea froze. How could their mum be home?
Why was she back so early?
‘Why is she home?’ Andrea asked in anger.
‘Really?! Are you seriously asking me why our mum is home?’ Nana asked in astonishment.
He shook his head and turned on the ignition to drive out of the school premises.
Andrea began to sob loudly.
‘What do you think you are doing?’
She sobbed louder.
‘You don’t love me.’ She said, in between sobs.
‘Rea, how can you say that?!’
‘Did you buy the stuff I asked you to?’
‘No, I didn’t.’
Andrea sobbed louder. Nana parked at the side of the road. He didn’t understand why she was doing this.
‘You don’t love me.’
‘Stop saying that!’ Nana bellowed. ‘How can I not love you?’
‘But you don’t!’ Andrea retorted.
‘Andrea, I am not in the mood for all this. Please stop it. I have enough on my mind already.’ Nana turned away from her and drove unto the main road.

Andrea stopped sobbing. Nana never called her by her full name till he was really angry. Had she annoyed him? She didn’t want to. She loved him too much. She wiped her tears with her handkerchief and sniffed.
‘I am sorry.’ She said silently.
‘Don’t worry.’ Nana replied under his breath.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Lydia slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to check the time on her phone. It was twenty minutes past 11pm. She presumed her children would be asleep so she didn’t bother stepping out of her room.
Lazily, she got out of bed and undressed. She eagerly anticipated a warm, long shower

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Nana laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. He hadn’t spoken a word to his sister since he brought her home and declined supper with her when she had asked.
He could feel she was hurting, but he was in no mood for her. He had tried to play FIFA to get himself of his foul mood but after losing 3 consecutive matches, he gave up.
Nana allowed his mind to wander back to the loving family they once were about seven years ago. He didn’t understand how and why things had changed. What went wrong. Just then someone knocked on his door. He knew it would be Rea but he still asked,
‘Who is it?’
‘Its me, Andrea.’ Came the muffled reply.
‘What do you want?’
‘Can we talk?’
Nana looked at the time on his phone and realized it was twenty-five minutes past 11pm.
‘Go away Andrea, I don’t feel like talking to anyone.’ Nana replied.
He heard her sob softly.
‘Please Nana, I am sorry.’
Nana got out of bed and walked to the door and opened it. She was at his door, with her head bowed. He opened his arms and took her in.
She felt warm, and quivered when he asked her to stop crying.
He felt aroused.

To be continued….


God bless you


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