My Love Gift


It’s amazing how you laid down the foundations of the earth with love for me even before our relationship began.
A love that endured from eternity through time till our meeting some years back;
Your love was intriguing, so special, so intense, so incomprehensible.
My imagination still cannot fathom what made me that special to you;
So special the Darling of Heaven had to step out of His glory to deliver a love note.
Tonight, I long to share with You the deepest parts of my being;
To share in an intimacy unending; to find my roots in you and your fruit in me.
To share in a love so weighty the balance of time cannot measure;
To share in a love covenant by the most precious blood eternity has ever tasted.
A love that bears me up when life’s sorrows cast me down;
In your love my vision is enlightened, an illumination that erases every darkness;
This love relationship seems distant but for your love I shall gladly bear the cross;
I shall willingly take a piercing to my side.
I shall forsake all other things and follow in the footprints of your love.
I did nothing at all to deserve this kind of love but tonight I come not to question your love;
But I come to our love altar to pour my heart;
I come to declare your everlasting faithfulness, your love unending, your love so true;
My God, my Lord, my love, today I ask that in your love you accept my TALENT for this is my LOVE GIFT.



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