Brotherly Love (15)

To prevent an argument, Nana had kissed Andrea long and hard cuddling her to sleep afterwards. Sleep eluded him and he had ‘blue balls’ from being aroused with nothing to do.
He stayed up long, staring into space and began dozing off in the wee hours of the morning. Andrea moved in his arms causing him to open his eyes. Without warning, she began to kiss him passionately. Nana groaned again, he couldn’t control himself anymore. It had been a while he had a woman this close. He lost all knowledge that he was with his sister. He pulled her in and made love to her.

*** *** *** 
Andrea and Nana laid beside each other. Staring at the ceiling. The guilt they felt seemed to swallow them up.
‘I am sorry.’ Nana said quietly.
‘No, I am sorry.’ Andrea replied.
Silence followed.
‘I enjoyed it.’ Andrea continued, smiling at the ceiling.
‘Rea!’ Nana said sharply.
‘Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.’ She said turning to face her brother.
Nana feared to turn and look at her.
‘I did but…’
‘We can try it one more time…. Please.’ Andrea pleaded.
‘Rea, please n….’
‘You dont love me.’ Andrea began sobbing.
‘Andrea please…’
‘No, you don’t!’ She screamed and began getting out of bed. Nana grabbed her from behind and pulled her back to the bed.

*** *** ***
The bed creaked from Nana’s movement as he tried to sit up. He wanted to head toward the kitchen to get a glass of water but his phone began to vibrate on the bed. He looked at the caller ID and realized his mum was calling. Turning to look at his sister who slept peacefully, he swallowed hard.
He watched the phone vibrate till the call ended and breathed a sigh of relief. His relief was short lived as the phone began to vibrate again-Lydia had redialed. Reluctantly, he stretched out his hand and picked up the phone.
‘Hello mum.’
‘Nana, where have you been? I called once already.’
‘I am sorry.’he replied.
‘How are you and Andrea doing?’
Nana paused to turn and look at his sister again.
‘We are fine mum. When will you be back?’
‘I will be back by Monday.’
‘Ok.’ Nana replied nonchalantly.
‘Is everything ok?’
‘Uhhh… I guess.’ Nana’s heart skipped a beat.
‘You hang up on me yesterday. Why?’
‘I was stepping out to go get supper. Sorry.’
‘Are you sure everything is fine?’ Lydia asked in anguish.
‘Yes please. Please don’t forget Andrea’s phone’ Nana stated.
‘Hmmm.. What exactly happened to her phone?’
‘I dunno, she said it just stopped working.’
‘…ok.’ Lydia replied.
‘I have to go now. I will call you two later.’ she continued.
‘Sure mum Bye’
‘Bye dear.’
Nana ended the call.
‘Was that mum?’ Andrea asked in a sleepy voice.
‘Yes.’ Nana replied without turning to look at Andrea. He stood up from the bed and walked towards the door.
‘Where are you going to?’ She enquired.
‘The kitchen.’
*** *** ***

Lydia sat quietly in her seat beside the window in the first class division.The flight was to take off soon. She didn’t know who was to be her sitting partner and in all honesty she didn’t care.
Shutting her eyes, she wished the emptiness she felt would just evaporate. She had tried filling the void with an overdose of work but over the years she had realized this just drained her even more. The presentation had gone on well, the client had been greatly impressed and couldn’t wait to sign a contract with her company. Her boss had praised her incessantly while they drove back to the hotel but she heard nothing.
She needed something more. She had never been a fan of alcohol because she felt it was for cowards who wanted to drown away their fears. She felt she was a strong woman who didn’t need to hide from her fear, instead she would face them. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…


God bless you


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