For The Wrong Reason


#Being Single

Companionship is sweetest with someone who knows you well, who can read you, knows what to say when you are gloomy, who always has the right words to brighten your day! Loyal, faithful, someone who will stand by you through thick and thin, someone who has your back…

Because of a lack of this, many singles are lonely, many jump into relationships to get rid of this longing for companionship…but does it have to be so? Does being unattached mean you need to be lonely? NO!

Who knows you better than God? Who has better counsel than Him? Who turns gloomy situations into masterpieces better than Him? Who is more loyal? Who is more faithful? Ha! You can enjoy deep companionship with the King of Glory! Single or not…He can and will fill the void, if only you ask Him to!

By: Kojo Osei Frimpong

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Three months, three days, twelve hours and twenty four minutes into what he had gotten himself entangled with, and Wiyola still didn’t understand what was going on. This hadn’t been what he had bargained for. He wasn’t expecting this to have so many strings attached; it was just meant to be a simple avenue of having someone to talk to and share good times, with the other benefits that came with it of course. But this seemed to carry more baggage than he had envisaged.

Wiyola had long longed for someone to share companionship with, and it hadn’t gotten any better as he got into the university. He was able to manage his way through the first year on campus, but his second year wouldn’t let him have his peace. Everyone around him seemed to be getting hooked and they had very little time to spend with him. He had concluded he also needed to get someone to spend his time with though he knew deep down he wasn’t ready for one -He just couldn’t be alone.

Wiyola knocked on Araba’s door; she happened to be the one he had decided on. They had met during the hall registration of first year students, as a confused Araba walked into the hall and towards the registration desk-managed by Wiyola. He had offered to help her get accustomed to things and Araba had preyed on this offer very often. Wiyola thought as he stood behind the door waiting, ‘She is young, innocent, beautiful and probably naïve. Shouldn’t be too difficult convincing her.’

Indeed it hadn’t been difficult convincing her, though she had tried to lengthen the time before accepting by telling him that she would think about it. Wiyola knew from her smiles as he spoke that he had won her heart. She called him two days later to confirm her acceptance. They had shared a beautiful first two weeks together, but the honeymoon quickly ended.

The two hadn’t seen eye to eye on certain issues and this had developed in deep tension within their relationship. They had their good days, but those were rare. Araba’s love language had been physical touch, but Wiyola failed to speak it. In his defense, he was a leader at church and felt he shouldn’t be seen openly displaying such affection. This made the situation degenerate quickly and three months down the line Wiyola sat thinking.

He knew he was in this for the wrong reasons and knew he need not give this innocent lady any more headaches. He knelt by his bed and started speaking to God; it had been a while. Wiyola poured his heart out in prayer. He felt God had not been fair to him. Everyone else’s relationship seemed fine, why not his?

‘Father all I wanted was a companion. Why then burden me with all this struggle?’

Then came a still small voice,

‘Like a mother to her son, like a husband to his wife, like a brother, like a close friend; more than these I am to you. I knew you before you were born and my promise still remains; I am with you till the very end.’

Wiyola had a few tears stream down his cheeks. It had been long he heard God’s voice. He quickly got up and headed towards Araba’s room. They needed to talk.


God bless you


4 Replies to “For The Wrong Reason”

  1. I am beginning to think this may not end well for him. But anyways, what then would one say about working things out even in difficult relationships? Most would say “Since we aren’t married, we might as well end things at this impass…” which just seems to make breaking things even easier. What marriage expected to look like then??

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    1. Michael, the problem with this relationship was that it began on the wrong foot…this gentleman clearly knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship but decided to ‘keep up appearances’by getting a girlfriend just so he could ward off loneliness…


      1. Very valid point, but have good things never come out of bad starts? He could as well ACTUALLY try to put in some ACTUAL effort. THEN and ONLY THEN if things just don’t seem to be getting anywhere, seperating peacefully would always be the better choice, correct?

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    2. Good eve Mr. Taylor. I believe the piece intentionally left that part hanging to be left to your imagination. However, in case there is a break up, there was obviously love and understanding absent from this relationship and these are necessary for building a relationship. Priscilla stated that the relationship started on the wrong note and sometimes trying to hold on to something that is not yours for a long time only yields pain and hurt. So kindly confirm which is best, ending it early or wasting each others time? However this piece was only meant to admonish young people not to rush into relationships for the wrong reason. We appreciate you reading. Kindly be an ambassador and share our pieces. God bless you.

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