A Firm Grip…

It’s been a long week! Initially I had a post for Love on the Streets but I saw another act of love being shown on the street yesterday and it touched me. It was simple but it spoke volumes.
Today we meet Madam Rose, a mother of four and grandmother of two. Madam Rose is affectionately called Auntie Naana by most. Today Auntie Naana had a few errands to run around spintex road and executed them as such. Having ended everything, she struggled to board the station bus heading home.

The ride home across the motorway was uneventful with a few lapses having her dose off. Finally, the bus grinded to a halt at a busy traffic light area with the mate shouting ‘last stop!’ Auntie Naana was disappointed, she had thought the bus would go on ahead and stop at the main station where she wouldn’t have to cross the road. Heaving out loudly, she grabbed her bag and painfully alighted from the bus.

She was beside herself with worry. She knew the cars plying this route where ruthless and careless- not giving much thought to pedestrians crossing the road, regardless of their age. She inched forward and tried signaling to the incoming car to please allow her to pass. The driver stopped and Auntie Naana began crossing the road with calculated steps.

Jacqueline had sat right behind Auntie Naana in the bus. She had realized Auntie Naana was struggling to cross the road after she had alighted. Jacqueline quickly approached Auntie Naana as she began crossing the street and offered to help. Auntie nodded excitedly and gave her right hand to Jacqueline to lead her. After crossing Auntie Naana expressed her gratitude and continued her walk to go get a commercial taxi home.
Jacqueline, your act of love warmed my heart and made me smile as I crossed the road. I chastised myself for not seeing Auntie Naana early enough to help her- but you did. God richly bless you. Love on the streets celebrates you Jacqueline.


You are blessed.


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