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Earnestly, I yearn…

‘If you are there Lord, answer all the prayers! Heal my child please!’ Esi cried out. The pediatrician had just informed her that Robert,her son, had limited time to live if his kidney wasn’t changed within the next two weeks.
She had pleaded and cried, asking the doctor if there was any solution, and if he could help? The doctor had looked down sadly and shook his head. Esi allowed herself to fall unto the smooth tarazzoed floor and wept like a baby, ignoring the pleas of the nurses to keep it down as the other children in the ward were being affected by her negative behaviour.

Finally, an older nurse pulled her to her feet and pushed her out of the ward-with the excuse that visiting time was over. Esi walked to and fro the corridors of the hospital, intermittently jumping over a few bodies who couldn’t fit into the wards because of lack of beds. Esi tore at her hair, and stormed out of the hospital-she needed a solution fast! If this wasn’t going to help her save her only surviving son after two miscarriages then she would help herself.

She hailed a taxi just at the entrance of the hospital and told the driver to drive on. A few metres ahead, an exasperated Esi burst out into loud sobs. She couldn’t hold herself anymore. Kweku, the taxi driver looked through his rear-view mirror at the worn out lady as she sobbed like a child. In his few years as a taxi driver he had not come across anyone like her or in her state. Kweku turned around to be sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him and received his confirmation. Esi’s head was bowed and the extra cloth which was meant to be around her waist was being used to mop her wet face.

Kweku had been engrossed in staring at Esi and trying to find what the problem was without asking her but was jolted to reality by the outburst of horns from vehicles behind him. The traffic light had turned green but he hadn’t moved. Quickly, he shifted his gaze back to the road and continued to drive.

‘Uhhh, madam…you still haven’t told me where you are going o. I have been driving straight for the past twenty minutes.’ Kweku commented, stealing glances at his passenger from the rear view mirror.

Esi sniffed loudly and responded.

‘Just keep going.’ Kweku nodded and continued driving. 

‘Do you know of any powerful Mallam around? My son is ill and I don’t have money to pay for his surgery.’ Esi stated, looking straight at the road.

Kweku stepped sharply on his brake at the mention of Mallam causing Esi to lounge forward sharply.

‘O madam please I am sorry. Please forgive me.’ Kweku said, slowing the car to a halt at the next bus stop.

Esi ignored him and continued,

‘Please the Mallam….and why have you stopped? Is there a problem?’ 

Kweku stopped the engine and turned to face Esi while his left hand rested on the steeering wheel.

‘You can’t afford to pay for a surgery but you can afford to pay a Mallam?’ He asked.

‘I heard there are cheap ones. I believe the money I have left can afford to pay one.’ She opened her purse and began pulling out her ATM cards.

‘So what if after all you pay him, he still doesn’t heal your son.’

‘He has to! It has to work! God isn’t listening to my prayers anymore!’ Esi replied in anguish and burst out into a new set of fresh tears.

‘Hmmm…madam…I am sorry ok. I was just about to ask if you were a Christian but it seems you have already answered my question.’

Esi peered from the cloth and muffled a response of a question.

‘What question?’

‘Whether you know God and trust Him.’ Kweku answered.

‘Yes I know him, but I dont think I trust Him. He didn’t save my two miscarriages and he isn’t even trying to save my dying son in that ward.’

‘How sure are you that He isn’t? Are you limiting His power?’

‘Look here young man. I don’t have time for this preaching of yours. I want a Mallam, if you don’t know of anyone just let me pay you and find another taxi driver who can lead me to a good but affordable one. You don’t know how many times I have sent my son to prayer camps and churches for him to be prayed for!’

‘Madam please, I am sorry but before I move…please answer this question. Have you yourself tried to pray for him before?’

‘What would my prayers do if holy water and anointing oil and these big prayers from men of God haven’t changed the situation? Who am I?!’ Esi exclaimed.

Kweku smiled in response.

‘Eeii…are you smiling? A woman’s son is dying and it’s funny to you?!’Esi tried to open the door and alight.

‘Please I am sorry. I wasn’t smiling at the situation, I was smiling about how you are so ignorant of your power.’ Kweku said and held onto Esi’s hand.

‘Which power?

‘You have the power to heal your son Madam. And I am going to drive you back to that same hospital, walk you to your son’s ward and watch you heal your son.’

‘What nonsense! What impudence! Young man I don’t have time for this! Let go of me. I have to…

‘Let’s just try this, if it doesn’t work I will personally drive you to a Mallam and pay him to heal your son. You are a chosen generation, a royal priest, an holy nation, a peculiar person. Death and life lie in the power of your tongue. Just speak with faith to your son and see the manifestation of a miracle.’

‘But….’ Esi began in perplexity.

She slumped back into the seat and exhaled loudly. She was desperate and she had run out of ideas. She nodded her head at Kweku.

Great joy filled Kweku’s heart as he sparked the car and sped to the hospital. Upon arrival, he literally dragged Esi to her son’s ward and told her not to entertain doubt.

Esi walked up to her son with tears streaming down her cheeks. Kweku stood at the edge of the bed and spoke in different tongues. Slowly, Esi stretched out her hand and gently placed it on her son’s swollen tummy.After a pause she began to pray,

‘God, I know you are there. And I know you have seen the places where I have taken Robert to so he can be healed. Lord, this taxi driver said to come and lay hands on Robert and pray so I have because I believe you will do it. I doubt the money left in my account can pay for the services of a strong Mallam like I speculated so please heal my son.’ With tears running down her check, Esi remained frozen.

‘Mama? What’s going on?’ Robert opened his eyes and asked.

Esi remained frozen and shouted,

‘Jesus!!! Heal my son! Please!’

Robert stretched out his hands and held unto his mum’s hand.

‘I am healed Maa. As soon as you touched me and began to pray I felt warmth here- pointing to his left kidney area- and now the swelling is gone.’

Esi had opened her eyes by this time and knew her son wasn’t joking or lying. She had felt as the swelling reduced.

She let go of her son and run towards the doctor’s office shouting’

‘Doctor! Doctor! My son is healed! Come  and see!’


The Bible tells us the effecutal, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. There is power in your prayer.

God bless you.



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