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My Sighs…

Today Lord, I feel like your disciples because I want to ask you, “Teach me how to pray…” To pray without speaking words because my language has lost its ability to express the burden of my soul, longing of my Spirit and weariness of my flesh.

I’d like to be like Hannah and have my lips quiver a prayer to you but I guess you’d have to make do with my sighs they seem to express the aching of my heart.

Life Lord, is on the verge of pushing me to change my name to Marah like Noami did. I have lost the strength to talk so this time you do the talking, speak Lord. Remind me that  you have wooed me and given me your name, one that cannot be changed…remind my soul that you are willing to carry it’s burden, remind my Spirit that your grace is sufficient and let my flesh know that you died and reigned so it can rest. Let me know all these so I can sigh out of relief…. I can’t seem to hear silence Lord…speak to still the wind.
Give me a kiss of peace

Written by:Abigail Affum


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