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Brotherly Love – Episode 13


Slick had ended up spending the whole day in Nana’s house playing video games and ceaselessly hitting on Andrea who tried to act like she wasn’t enjoying the whole scene. Nana had offered to drive Slick home so he could use that opportunity to buy some noodles when returning home. Slick had jumped at the offer and had tried convincing Nana to allow his sister to join them. Nana’s response to Slick’s silly attempt had been a deep-seated frown which had caused Slick to shut up even though he was midway through a sentence.
Slick had then taken the lead outside to wait for Nana beside the car. Nana began moving around the house in search of his wallet when his phone rang. The caller ID indicated that of his mum. He slid the answer button across the screen.


‘Nana? How are you?’ His mum enquired.

‘Where are you mum?’ He responded paying no attention to her greeting.

‘At least answer my question fir…’

‘No mum, where are you?’ Nana cut in

‘I am in Johannesburg.’

‘Mum…really? Johannesburg?’

‘I am sorry, I was called to come and give a presentation.’ She stated flatly.

‘And you couldn’t call or text to inform Rea and me?’

‘I came home to take some clothes but you weren’t home so I told Abu to inform you.’

Nana shook his head and grabbed his wallet. He wasn’t in the mood to keep up a conversation with his mum, he felt the lack of her presence at home was what was causing Rea to go in this direction.

‘I hear you, mum. Enjoy your stay.’

‘Are you ok Nana?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes, I am fine. Try and get Rea a new phone when returning. Her phone is messed up.’

‘Nana, this isn’t you. Why are you talking to…’ Lydia began.

‘Can I call you back mum. I am stepping out.’ Nana said bluntly and ended the call.

Walking out of the house, he headed to the car.

After opening it up and sitting inside, he turned to Slick and stated.

‘I have a problem Nii, I need your opinion.’
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  *** ***

Lydia stared at the phone. She was shocked her son had hung up on her. She attempted to redial his number but held herself from doing so. Instead, she called her daughter Andrea. She waited as the call went through yet no one answered. She tried the number again still no answer. An odd feeling began to creep up her spine. Lydia felt she shouldn’t have taken this decision to come to Johannesburg so quickly.
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***
Nana struggled with how to relay his story in order to get the candid opinion of his friend.

‘Ok, here is the scenario….there is this lady who likes you and has begun throwing herself at you. What would you do?’

Slick laughed, held himself from laughing for a short moment and burst out laughing once more running out of breath in the process.

‘Masa, the girl want you to chop am, make you chop am! Is this something you should even ask about?! Bros abeg make you drive wae.”

Nana stared silently at his friend. He had lost the courage to continue with his story to further explain that his sister was the damsel in question.

He turned his head slowly away from his friend and turned the key in the ignition.
To be continued….



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