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He loves me, She loves me not….

#Being Single
Crushes can be with both sweet and painful! The butterflies in your tummy when he/she comes around…and the pangs of pain when they are with someone else! Sweet when attraction is mutual, bitter when its a one way affair!

Attraction to the opposite sex in itself is not evil, its how we act on them. DON’T rush into a relationship solely because of attraction! That’s a recipe for disaster! Attraction is important but compatability trumps attraction…Open your eyes, be vigilant, take your time!

Keep in mind it is deep love, not attraction that is the base of Christ and His Bride’s relationship!

Have a blessed night

By Kojo Osei Frimpong


Ama felt a sharp pinch on her arm and gave out a loud cry making everyone turn to the back of the lecture room. Her sitting partner Sandra, who doubled as her room mate stiffled a laugh while pretending to be staring straight ahead.

‘Is anything the matter Miss Boakye?’ The Teaching Assistant enquired from the front of the class, peeping over his huge glasses like an old man.

‘No…pl…please…’ Ama stuttered. A mixture of humiliation and anger washed over her.

Jesse, the teaching assistant, ignored her apology and continued with the areas for an assignment the lecturer had instructed him to give.

Ama ignored Sandra and forced herself to pay attention. She was sure Sandra’s pinch was because Sandra had caught her with a wandering look. She sighed and stared at Jesse.

Moments later, Jesse dismissed the class and walked out. Sandra nudged her friend on the shoulder but Ama refused to budge. She was gathering her books to walk out to the next lecture hall.

‘Mind me small eh. I said I was sorry. I even sent you a billion texts ‘ Sandra pleaded.

‘Dont talk to me. What you did was so not cool. What if we were in Nunoo’s lecture and I shouted like that? The old lecturer would most probably have thrown me out.’ Ama replied, trying to arrange the heavy books in her bag well so it could accommodate two extra handouts.

‘I know…I was just trying to get your mind back to earth.’ Sandra said. She got out of the wooden lecture chair and leaned slightly against the table.

‘And how is it your concern if my mind wanders. Tell me?’ Ama paused and replied sarcastically.

Sandra heaved a sigh and stated bluntly.

‘ I know your mind was off day dreaming about Ike. See, I have told you over and over again… It’s just a crush and I honestly don’t like this Ike dude. He is so full of himself.’

‘O…really? Well that’s your opinion so you can keep it to yourself.’ Ama responded in anger, zipping her bag quickly for emphasis.

Sandra patted Ama on her shoulder.

‘Ama, I really care about you. I know the path you are treading on right now. I was there just last semester with Enoch and I felt the butterflies you are feeling, my mind wandered over many seas and islands and in the end nothing sufficed. You can testify so I honestly dunno why you are chasing hard after Ike. Can you not see where this is headed to?’

Ama sat back in the chair and folded her arms. She knew Sandra was telling the gospel truth and nothing but the truth hurt.

Sighing loudly she replied,

‘But I really like him Sandra. I can’t stop thinking about him and when I see him walk into a lecture it’s like the butterflies won’t stop.’

Sandra laughed and replied,

‘Ama, those butterflies would soon die…they will murder themselves when they begin to know the real Ike with all his flaws. I am not saying it’s wrong to have a crush but honey please open your eyes.’

Ama smiled and nodded.

‘But I am still not forgiving you for pinching me!’ Ama exclaimed.

‘Masa, make you make steady.’

Both ladies burst out into loud laughter.TA Jesse poked his head into the doorway and pulled his glasses to his nose

‘Are you ladies still here?’


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