Love On the Streets

Hearts Like Yours…

Jerks once, then a second, then a few fluttering noises and the car grinds to a halt.The clock had just struck half past midday and Kukua was on her way back to the office knowing full well that the traffic in the Mallam Atta market area would only allow her arrive at least ten minutes past the end of lunch break. Yet again she was going to be late for her boss’ after-lunch briefing and began to think of the next thoughtfully engineered excuse she could give. 

Indeed, the HR manager had served her a query for a series of late arrivals to work the past few months; not that she always intended to but her duties to the home just wouldn’t allow her. The only daughter of her parents who were octogenarians, she had tirelessly merged the caretaking of the home and her secretaryship for the past year and a half but this month she could feel it getting the better of her.

She shifts the gear back into park, pulls the handbrake like she does every other day and turns the key off and then back on. Nothing happens. Tries again, “nada”. All she could hear were clicks as she repeated the motion. The car battery just died. Meanwhile, the bus drivers in her lane kept blowing their horns not bothered that the young lady was stranded. Anybody who has plied the Mallam Atta – Newtown stretch knows that is the very last place your car should breakdown. 

Unfortunately for Kukua she was the guiltless victim today. To make matters worse, her car gearing system was automated; meaning that when the engine went off the car couldn’t be pushed like the manual cars would have it. The young secretary stepped out of the car, popped open the bonnet of the car but there was no sight of smoke to suggest the car had overheated –not that she knew anything about cars. It was definitely her battery. Ten minutes went by and she had made all efforts to seek assistance but each person that drove past either insulted her for parking in the middle of the road or looked on with a lot of indifference.

After about an hour, a lovely couple, Adwoa and Caleb, who had earlier seen Kukua as they whisked by drove past her again. Adwoa felt a nudge in her spirit and asked her husband to pull over at the next turn to offer the young lady a helping hand. Caleb reluctantly agreed. First, he thought the stranded secretary – Kukua- was Adwoa’s buddy or something of that sort. 

The two stepped out of their car and walked over to Kukua to ask what the problem was. Kukua sadly explained her unexpected car breakdown ordeal with the frustration on her face very telling. Adwoa patted her on the shoulder and asked her not to worry as Caleb went over to the bonnet to take a quick look; in a matter of minutes he had run to his car and back holding a pair of battery jump cables together with his own car battery. The next thing you know “Click, click….. vooooooooooommmmmmm!!!!!!” The car was alive again.

For Kukua, hearing the sound of the engine brought an overwhelming feeling of excitement. A rush of gratitude filled Kukua’s bones –she was all over the place. Adwoa and Kukua exchanged contacts and both parties were on their way.

This is the real life version of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Today, Love on the Streets celebrates Adwoa and Caleb. Kindhearted fellows like yourselves who follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit are rare;God bless you.

You are blessed.


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