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In It With You…

​Nana Adwoa hurled another ceramic plate at the wall and watched it shatter with a loud sound yet she felt no relief. The kitchen was in a mess from her throwing anything she layed her hands on at the wall. 
She paced the floor barefooted, vigrously biting away at what was left of her thumb’s fingernail and ignored how the shattered pieces of glass and ceramic punctured the sole of her feet.
Like a deranged animal, she paused, pulled at the root of her hair extension and gave out a loud, peircing wail then she resumed pacing. She was at the peak of a tumult in her heightened emotions.

Her company had handed her a letter indicating that they no longer needed her service and she knew the reason for this had been her refusal to sleep with the glorified selected few in top management. She had taken the news in good faith and walked out to hail a taxi heading towards her boyfriend’s mansion. She needed a shoulder to cry on and Richard’s – her boyfriend- seemed to be the best. 

The gateman hadn’t been in sight and Adwoa had been relieved she didn’t need to explain her soiled make up because Kofi the gateman wouldn’t let any comment slip by.

Barging into the hall without knocking, she had met Richard right on top of the supposed house maid. Again she had exhaled heavily and walked out heading to the gate with Richard chasing hard after her and the impudent househelp after him.
Fortunately, the taxi which had dropped her off hadn’t yet left. She ignored Richard’s many pleads and sat inside the taxi, instructing the driver to move.

About thirty minutes later, the driver pulled to a halt in front of Adwoa’s rented residence. She resided on the ground floor of a simple apartment building. Gingerly, she pulled out the last 50 cedi note from her purse and handed it over to the driver. Adwoa jumped out of the car taking no notice of the balance the driver had handed over to her. While trying to clumsily unlock the front door, she was greeted with a letter- shoved under the doorfrom the landlord- which stated that her residency had expired and she had a few days to pack out.
Adwoa had crumbled the letter in her clenched fist and walked to the middle of her small hall. She heard her phone vibrate in her bag. Breathing heavily, she rumaged through the bag and pulled out her phone.

The call had ended but a text message had been sent from her younger sister-Maame Ama. The text stated bluntly that their mother had been hospitalized and she-Maame- had been told to leave the hostel since she hadn’t topped up her initial deposit for the hostel room.
Adwoa had thrown the phone into the sofa and walked rigrously to the kitchen. She needed to vent out the emotions within her, she felt she might explode if she waited any longer.
Letting out another wail she allowed her body to fall to the ground.

‘Why Lord…why?!…. I am angry Lord!! I am angry with you!

How could you do this to me?! Havent I been faithful enough? Where is the provision you promised, where are you?!’
Adwoa got up from the ground and found a knife which she threw with all her strength at the kitchen door.

‘Where are you in all this Lord?! You said the road wouldn’t be easy but you promised to be there with us! Where are you?!’
Adwoa leaned sideways against the sink and cried loudly. She could feel her heart crush.

‘I need you Lord…. I need you to hold me….. I can’t do this….I wont do this…….the pain.’ Adowa cried harder and bent her head.
It was in this state Pastor Samuel’s wife-Enyo- walked in on Adwoa. In a kitchen which looked like a storm had visited and with a bloody, sweaty Adwoa. Enyo had been heating stew for lunch when she felt the need to pray. She had abandoned everything and walked back to the room to kneel beside her bed and pray. Minutes later, she had heard loud sounds from the neighbour’s kitchen downdstairs and had been frightened. She had paused her prayer to go and check when she realized the commotion persisted.Enyo walked up to Adwoa and pulled her into her hug.

‘The Lord is in it with you Adwoa. He is in it with you…..’

Whoever you are out there, whatever you might be going through, just know the Lord is in it with you.


2 thoughts on “In It With You…

  1. He was definitely in it with me and He is seeing me through it one step at a time. Thank you Jesus. Great piece Korsh. Keep it up. He is in it with you, I know it 100%.


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