Letters to God · Random Thoughts

Walk Away

 Dear God,

I only want to walk away and leave it all behind.
I’ve been told talking to you works and so please hear me,

“I only want to walk away”.

It’s usually just one word, then a sentence, then a conversation….

I yearn to walk away yet my feet remain glued and my ears tickle even more when I hear them speak in small slothful whispers.

They itch when I decide to stay away…..It’s like i am addicted God- is it even possible to get addicted to gossip- I’m hooked and l long for a tiny dose to feel satiated. And when I do get filled my lips cannot remain sealed. They have to just ‘spread the word.’

I want to walk away Lord- help me walk away Lord. You said bad company corrupts good character but I remember you also clearly said stolen water is sweet Lord. This isn’t just sweet Lord, it’s the climax for me.
My spirit is vulnerable; freely punctured with these pins called friends who feed my hungry ears and unbridle tongue.

Enough of the whispers that drown Your voice.

Enough of the word- rage that replaces Your love.

I only want to………
I only want to………
I only want to. …….walk away and leave it all behind; all of it.
So teach me dear God to turn and walk away.

Your prodigal son,


Like Leslie, Rodney and Emefa maybe you also have a prayer. Don’t feel shy to approach the throne room of grace. Nothing is too small a matter to talk to God or better still write to God about. Once you have accepted Christ as your Lord and personal saviour you don’t need a mediator, you are a Royal Priest according to 1 Peter 2:9.


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