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Brotherly Love – Episode 12


The phone rang loudly, rudely interrupting Nana’s sleep. He groaned angrily and buried his head deeper into the pillow. Last night hadn’t been easy on him either. He had had to stop banging on Andrea’s door when he realised she wasn’t going to answer. Downcast, he had dragged his feet back to his room and settled on his bed. Nana had allowed a few tears to fall-he really felt bad for Andrea.

Nana exhaled loudly in relief when his phone finally stopped ringing but frowned when it began again. He stretched out his hand and picked it.

‘Hello.’ He answered in a croaky voice. He really wasn’t in the mood to be answering phone calls at this time.

‘Yo! My boy! You still dey bed?’

‘Yeah, who this?’ He asked.

‘O my boy, make you shun dat life’

‘O, I no know the number o’ Nana replied defensively.

‘Ibi me, Slick. You no save my number?’

‘O chale, I did. I change phones.’ Nana smiled. Jerome Nii Quaye, known as Slick even by his parents, was the one calling. A classmate from school whom he had lost touch with these few months at home.

‘Aaaa ok…chale I dey come your Der now o.’

‘Eeii, this early morning?’ Nana asked while forcing himself to sit up in bed.

‘Chale, ECG come visit my house o. Two solid days no light. I dey come charge my lappie and phone. I dey use my old boy en yam to call you. Abi you people di3 you get light every time.’

‘Oh ok, sorry. Yeah you can come.’ Nana replied.

‘Nice one! I hope your kiddie sis dey Der o’

‘Masa! You dey come charge your tins or ron my sisto?’

‘O bros, sorry wae. You, make I bof and come. Make you find sometin for me to chop o.’

Nana shook his head and ended the call. Slick was just another being from a different planet. No wonder most people found it hard to believe that he had been the third best science student in the whole school.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

‘Chale!. Your sis fine o! You see the body!’ Slick exclaimed. He just couldn’t sit still in the couch. He was either commenting about Andrea’s body, cracking jokes or replying the numerous messages he had received on his phone.

Nana chose to ignore his little display but noticed that Andrea really looked good in her bum shorts and black crop top. Her wide hips had been accentuated and her flat tummy made the top look sexier on her. He noticed Andrea’s thighs had grown bigger and her colour had lightened a bit-his heart skipped a beat. She had been loitering around the hall since Slick arrived and hadn’t spoken a word to him the whole morning.

‘Chale Nana, make you give me chance eh.  She dey bi! I promise I go treat am well.’ Slick said.

Nana just stared at him and moved his attention to replying messages on his phone.

‘You no go biz me?’

‘Slick! ‘ Nana said with a stern voice.

Slick raised his hands up as if in surrender and turned to look at the TV.

‘Chale, you for shining your eyes for your sisto. Take care of her well so no guy comes to break her heart.’ Slick stated.

His statement got Nana thinking-was he really taking care of Andrea like he was supposed to?
To be continued….



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