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Time Past

Greetings friends.

Today, we are honored to introduce a wonderful lady to you. She has been filled with beautiful words by The Holy Spirit and has decided not to keep it to herself, but share it with us all. She has a beautiful story to tell the world. She may be taking up most of our Wednesdays and we hope her ministration touches lives. Be blessed.

Is it right that we expect God to see the good in us but we easily lose sight of the good He is to us during trying times?
We all want God to give us His vote of confidence as He did with Job and say “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him, he is upright and blameless, a man who fears God and shuns evil.”

We’d like God to dare the devil and say, “Frankly Satan, you’ve got nothing on my son.” …But what about God-what do we say to the devil when he tells us that…”Did God really say…’He loves you?’, ‘He will never forsake you?’, ‘ It will be well?’ Do we just crawl into doubt and question God…or do we heave our chests and say with pride “Oh no…He didn’t just REALLY say that-He PROMISED that and more- so no matter what you throw at me…it will work for my good.”

Just as we want God to give us His vote of confidence, He would really love…
“His love in time past forbids us to think He will leave us at last in trouble to sink. While each Ebenezer we have in review should confirm His good pleasure of helping us through.”
It’s time to give more credit to God-He’s earned it.

God bless you.

Written by:Abigail Affum

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