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Brotherly Love – Episode 11


Nana began to consciously loosen his hold on Andrea. No one needed to tell him this was getting out of hand, he knew.

Andrea tried pushing harder into him but Nana had lost interest.

‘No Andrea, I can’t do that.’ Nana replied.

Andrea rose to look into her brother’s face. She couldn’t see much because the lights were out.

‘Why not?’ She questioned.

Nana pushed Andrea off and got out of bed. He began to pace around the bed.

‘Please, what is wrong? You are scaring me.’ Andrea cried out.

Nana walked to his window and stared out. He didn’t have an answer for his younger sister.

Andrea jumped out of his bed and walked up to him to hug him tightly from behind and cry.

Nana wriggled himself out of the hug and walked out of the room, to the kitchen. He needed to clear his head. He punched his fist hard on the wooden counter.

‘Damn it, Nana! That’s your own blood sister!’ He scolded himself. He walked to the sink and turned the tap. Cupping his hands, he fetched a portion and rinsed his face. He wished he could immerse his whole body into the cool water.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea stood transfixed at the spot where she had been hugging Nana. The tears didn’t want to stop pouring. She felt her heart might just stop beating. Andrea was perplexed. She sank to the floor and wailed. She needed love, her body ached to be touched.


***  ***  ***  *** ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana heard Andrea’s heart-wrenching wail. His first thought was to run to his room and comfort her, but he restrained himself and stared at the opened tap.

A part of him wanted to go and hold her and tell her everything would be fine. Another told him to stay away. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he turned the tap off and walked slowly to his room. He had expected to see Andrea at the same spot he left her-but she was gone.

He turned and headed to her room.

Nana turned the knob and realised the door had been locked from inside. He banged hard on the door.

‘Andrea please let me in.’

Maybe he has been too hard on her, he thought to himself. Maybe he should have just kissed her and it would have ended there.

He banged harder on the door.

‘Andrea please.’

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea sat behind her door, holding her knees to her chest and trying to stifle her loud sobs. Her forehead was rested on her knees. She could feel the vibration from the force Nana was using to bang on the door. She cried more, using her hand to cap her mouth.
To be continued….



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