Love On the Streets · Religion-Christianity

The Last Drop

Sometimes life isn’t always fair to us and we must squeeze to the last drop, while others throw chunks of food away, just so we survive. Nana Araba isn’t a single mother but she would rather not talk about the gentleman known to many as her husband. Today she had had to go to the market to buy foodstuffs for home, visited her sick mum in the hospital and passed by her extended family house for a meeting with her three children tagging gleefully along. As if that wasn’t enough Kofi-her husband- had called to complain in anger about how hungry he was and why Araba wasn’t home, with his meal ready. Quickly she stopped catching up on old times with family members and bundled up her three kids.
She had realized while on her way to the meeting that the remainder of the money after the day’s rounds, if not managed adequately, might leave them stranded while heading back home. Nana Araba then decided to squeeze her huge frame with her children on one seat when they found a commercial vehicle so she could have some money left to pay for all their luggage.

Quietly she waited at the bus stop with a baby strapped to her back, and a well packaged load balanced on her head. She held the hands of the other two children tightly so they wouldn’t be running about with all the excess energy they had in their little bodies. An empty rickety bus coughed to a stop and Araba hurried on as the mate shouted the destination of the bus in order to attract new passengers. Barima-Nana Araba’s second born-run to the back of the bus in order to enjoy an empty seat, ignoring his mum’s stern warning. Nana Araba pleaded with the mate to allow Barima to sit there till the bus was full. The mate reluctantly agreed.

At the next bus stop, Osei boarded the bus and took a seat beside Barima. He noticed Barima’s mother was Nana Araba because she kept turning to warn him to sit still. Soon the bus was almost full and the mate began to grumble at Araba to try and manage the seat if she won’t pay for Barima’s seat. Osei felt a soft nudge in his spirit to take out an extra Ghs 1.40 and pay for Barima’s seat. He almost ignored the prompting since the only money he had on him was Ghs 5.00 and he had budgeted a lot on it. After a thoughtful moment he informed the mate that he would pay for Barima’s seat. Nana Araba turned to look at him with great gratitude, she mouthed a thank you to this helpful stranger.
Today Love on the Streets celebrates you Osei. Whatever you have sacrificed in order to show love would be multiplied in infinty folds unto you. God bless you.

You are blessed.

Remember to send us a mail at if you see any act of love on the streets.


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