Letters to God

I Am Not Jesus!

Dear God,

It happened again today. 

I got pushed against the wall so hard that I burst out and when my faith was questioned my only response was, ‘I am not Jesus.’

I am not Jesus? 

Doesn’t your word teach me each day on the path to take? Doesn’t it teach me what to do in every situation? Doesn’t this faith teach me to be more like you and less my old self?

Indeed as I stand now Lord, I am not Jesus. Father search me and tear away anything that is making me less like you; the pride, the pain, the hurt and the anger, Lord take it away. I have said it enough.

Father heal me, mend me and make me more like you so I need not speak. Let them see Jesus in me in my actions and my deeds so when they ask me who I am, my response may be ‘I am like Jesus.’

Your son

God bless you.


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