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Brotherly Love – Episode 10



Mr and Mrs Antwi had been a loving couple, who couldn’t seem to keep their hands or eyes off each other. Their marriage ceremony had been the talk of the town before and after the whole event. However, their elegant marriage wasn’t as blissful as their wedding ceremony. Two months into the marriage, they were fighting and ignoring each other.

Lydia got pregnant and felt that might rectify their many marital problems but that euphoria was short lived. Mr Samuel Antwi had accused Lydia of being an infidel and getting pregnant outside the marriage since he didn’t remember the last time he had slept with her on their marital bed.

Lydia’s first pregnancy had been laced with tears. Eventually, she gave birth to an adorable baby boy whom they named Nana Kweku Antwi. To an outsider, they were the best couple that ever lived. Both man and wife flooded social media platforms with pictures from photo shoots they took while Lydia was pregnant and when she finally gave birth. Their marriage became rather calm with a few squabbles occasionally after the birth of Nana and remained so till Andrea had been born and turned 7.

Samuel lost his job as one of the executives in a large financial firm because of a bribery case. Lydia was infuriated at her husband for even being among the culprits and didn’t give room to listen to her husband’s side of the story. Samuel resorted to drinking and coming home late because he wanted to avoid Lydia and her insults about how lazy he was.

One night he got home after 3 am and Lydia brought the beast out of him by hitting him with a frying pan and calling him unworthy names. Neighbours had had to intervene and take the children, who were asleep, to their godmother’s house. Mr and Mrs Antwi were locked behind bars for two days. After being released, Samuel asked for a divorce and moved out of the house. Occasionally passing by to see his children.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Lydia had arrived safely in Johannesburg and rushed out of the airport to meet her boss in his hotel room. Apparently, a presentation needed to be done for another prospective client.

Her mind strayed as her boss gave her a summary of all he had compiled and all that was expected of her. She missed her children. After the divorce, she had tried being there for them but work had called and it kept calling. She missed Samuel. Over the years she had come to realise she hadn’t been totally fair to him but she didn’t know how to apologise to him.

She had wanted to do so at Andrea’s last birthday party but he hadn’t appeared and she had been heartbroken. She didn’t want to call so she had inquired about him from a few of her friends who were close to him. None of them had heard from him in a while. Memories of fun times they had had as a couple came to mind and she teared up. She excused herself from her boss’ presence to go to the bathroom and freshen up.

Once in the bathroom, she tried calling both Nana and Andrea but both numbers could not be reached and they hadn’t been online on WhatsApp for a couple of hours. She reasoned they were asleep.


To be continued…

God bless you



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