I took a step forward today

Passing only one of the two I declined yesterday

The days past has been this way
So I wonder if I progress.

The journey I begun not long ago

Took me not long to fall short

And wonder if I am worth this path
I look at those along the way

Many seem to show decay

Falling off the path they swayed

But I took a step forward today

So made progress from yesterday

My focus should be what lays ahead

But the cares and wants make it hard

These eyes that should be fixed on the prize

Are lured by pleasures that contend the way

However, I took a step forward today.

So far I had run with zeal

Not one that came from grace

But with self-strength
As though I run a physical race.

I realized today my flaw

And spent time on my knees

That when I rise not I Lord but your Spirit

And so I made progress today

A new wind blows

Bringing in a renewed man

The shortfalls of yesterday

That saw retrogression, now lay behind.

There is grace for the race and I believe

I make progress, From today

Till the prize is won

God bless you


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