Brotherly Love – Episode 9



Andrea rushed to her room to take a warm shower and spray some female cologne over her entire body. Then the decision of choosing something seductive for the night was next.

She stood before her wardrobe trying to find something that would fit the occasion. She pulled most of her dresses out, throwing them in the direction of her bed and finally settled on a large T-shirt Nana had given to her a few months ago. She wore nothing under the shirt like what she remembered the ladies in the porn video had done.

Slowly she walked out of her room, shut the door firmly behind her and headed towards Nana’s room.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana felt uncomfortable. He didn’t like the idea of Rea coming to sleep in his room but he didn’t want to create a scene. He heard a gentle knock on his door. His heart skipped a beat.

This didn’t feel right. He looked around his room to be sure everything was in place.

‘Come in Rea.’ He shouted.

Andrea slowly opened her brother’s bedroom door and let herself in.

Nana turned from staring at his bed to the door where she stood. His heart skipped a beat.

She looked ravishing.Her curvy body filled the midi T-shirt he had given her a few months back. She began to move slowly from the door towards him.

She got close enough and hugged him tight. For a moment he didn’t move- he felt he couldn’t even breathe. Then he enclosed her body with his arms and allowed his hands to linger to her waist, she pushed his hands further down so they were halfway on her backside.

He groaned softly, it had been long he had been this close to a lady and the thrill of her body made him want her.

And she smelt so right, felt so soft, so inviting. He couldn’t seem to think straight. He held her tighter.

‘Can we turn the light out?’ She asked innocently.

‘I can’t sleep when its on.’ She explained.

He had lost his voice, so he nodded and reluctantly let go of her to walk to the switch.

He wanted her-badly.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea had seen the hunger in his eyes. She was thrilled. The T-shirt worked. She got into his bed and waited patiently for him to join her.

Her heart was beating profusely and the butterflies in her tummy the less said about them the better.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

She asked that she be held so he held her. He realised she wore nothing at all under the shirt. He didn’t want to do this but she was pushing him and he was almost at a breaking point.

Nana was three years older than his sister. If anyone had told him he would be in the same bed with her one day, fighting the urge to make love to her he would have been shocked.

Andrea began to cry.

‘What’s wrong Rea?’ He asked in anguish. Had he done something wrong? He wanted his mind to stray to other thoughts so he won’t do the unspeakable with her but it wasn’t.

‘You don’t love me.’ She said through sobs.

‘How can you say that Rea?’

‘If you love me, kiss me.’

Nana froze. Did Andrea just say that?


God bless you

To be continued….



9 Replies to “Brotherly Love – Episode 9”

  1. awww…too bad
    lol ….Nana you’re in the room with only Rea so yes she did say that . I still have hope in you Nana. don’t do this!


  2. Wow.. Sherrie… It’s a thrilling story; this one. Your doing an amazing job bringing things like this to light. God bless you so much.

    I think Their mom’s excessive busyness had played an Awfully large role in this. If she was there for her little girl, things could be much better. Hopefully the unthinkable won’t happen. But we’ll see what happens on Thursday.


  3. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. #BrotherlyLoveForum is live. Kindly let us know your view on issues so far. God bless you for joining us.


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