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Heya! Shalom 
#Being Single

When searching for Mr/Mrs Right remember that he/she is not necessarily Mr/Mrs Perfect. Many times in the search for a beloved we tend to be blinded but what we feel would make them perfect. Don’t miss the right person because you were looking for perfection.

What may seem perfect may actually not be. The ‘perfect body’, ‘perfect smile’,’perfect complexion’ blah blah blah may not be *right* for you. Perfect is not always right, and right is not always perfect. Take note

Have a glorious day.

Written by: Kojo Frimpong Osei

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  

‘Eeii Madam, what are you busily ticking in that book of yours.’ Ewuradjoa slyly asked her room mate as she strained her neck to see.

‘Go away la, its none of your business.’ Senam replied nonchalantly, still ticking little boxes in her book.

Ewuradjoa shrugged, wiped her hands on a damp napkin and shuffled her feet back to the balcony to continue cooking.

Moments later, Senam called;


Ewuradjoa felt tempted to ignore her roommate’s call but brushed the urge off and responded.

‘How can I help you madam.’

Senam placed her pen on her open book and pushed the chair she had been sitting on backwards. She didn’t want to have such a sensitive conversation across the room. She advanced to the doorway leading to the balcony and leaned against it with her arms folded across her chest.

‘Do you have a checklist?’ Senam enquired.

‘A checklist?’ Ewuradjoa asked with her eye brows arched. She had paused midway chopping her vegetables and raised her head.

‘What checklist? For what? And why?’

Senam smiled.

‘A checklist for your ideal man. You know, like the qualities you want him to possess.’

Ewuradjoa threw her head back laughing so hard she began to choke . She patted her chest gently and calmed down.

‘Senam, qualities too we have checklist. Tell me about it eh.’

Senam rolled her eyes at her roommate.

‘No I wont. You just had a good laugh at me.’ She turned and walked back to her bed.

Ewuradjoa quickly rinsed her hand in a bowl of water on the table and wiped them on the apron she wore before proceeding into the room to console her friend.

‘I am sorry Senam.’ she said sheepishly.

‘I don’t feel like having this conversation anymore.’ Senam replied, pouting her lips and turning her head away.

Ewuradjoa took a seat on the bed beside Senam and explained why she had burst out laughing. It was only because Senam had reminded her of her own ‘Checklist’ she had had. She had given it all up after meeting Jeremy.

‘Ei! So you had one too?!’ Senam exclaimed, ‘And you are laughing at me?’

They both quickly burst into laughter. Ewuradjoa excused herself to reduce the heat on the stove to prevent her precious meal from charring.

‘Ok I’m back. Tell me more.’

Senam explained how she had met Nii, a gentleman from her Church. She really admired him in so many ways. Ewuradjoa sat with a curious ear.

‘Ewura I tell you, the guy loves God. He is a gentleman. In fact on personality side I would give him maybe a 101%. But…’ Senam paused.

‘There is always a but…’ added Ewuradjoa.

‘Hmm Ewura. He is short and also not built like I would want my man to be.’ Senam concluded.

‘Is this the Nii you introduced to me two nights ago?’

Senam nodded.

‘Oh ok. He looked like a really nice person.’ Ewuradjoa added. Ewuradjoa went on to tell Senam of how she had met Jeremy and how she immediately disliked him due to his features.

‘If someone told me I would be dating him today I may have slapped the person then.’ She explained how they had been put together in a committee in their department and how they had grown close and fond of each other as the time went past.

‘Look at us now. I mentioned it to him some time ago and we laughed about it. I told him he failed my checklist.’ Ewuradjoa added. ‘That is why I asked if there was something like that. It is all in our heads.’

‘Nii asked for us to date when he was here the last time.’ Senam chipped in.

‘Oh so that is why you were ticking lists eh?’ Ewuradjoa broke into laughter but soon realised Senam’s mood change and stopped. Ewuradjoa quickly placed her hands over Senam’s shoulder and said,

‘Senny, I can’t tell you what to do. What I know is sometimes we miss our opportunities because we feel God did not package it well. God may send you an earthen pot filled with gold but we rather want an empty gold pot or one filled with clay. It is very rare to find a gold pot with gold content, however not impossible. That is all I have to say.’

Senam was surprised by the deep words Ewuradjoa spoke and she knew she had been communicated to. ‘Thanks Ewura. I’m grateful.’

Ewuradjoa got up and headed to the balcony to check on her meal.

‘You are welcome and I hope you are joining me in my meal?’ Ewuradjoa asked.

Senam responded, ‘You bet.’

God bless you.


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