Love On the Streets

My Water!

How many times have you come across someone in need and gone right past them, comforting your guilty conscience by making excuses for yourself- oh! I’m late for a meeting or I’m sure if I try helping I would be turned down and that would make me look bad. Today we want to celebrate someone who thought that way but renewed her mind a few seconds later.Meet Abena ,a young spirited lady, who wants to help out with the finances at home. She has vacated from senior  high school and has chosen to sell sachet water to help pay her fees next term as opposed to whiling away time by staying at home doing nothing.

Abena goes to borrow a pack of cold sachet water from a retailer across the street and promises to pay back after making her sales. Hurriedly, Abena crosses the road to join the other hawkers. In the spur of the moment, she decides to step into the lanes, almost colliding with a man riding his motor bike. She quickly takes a step back unto the  walkway but misses her step and ends up on the floor with her unpaid prodcuts. The motorist hurls insults at her and continues his journey.

Abena decides to check if her source of income is intact but finds out it took a hard hit. Only four out of the thirty still remained. The rest flowed freely on the walkway. The other hawkers looked on unconcerned with only a few commenting she should have been more careful. Abena bundled herself up and begun tearing up.

Gemimah had seen the incident a few meters away and had empathized with Abena’s situation. Gemimah reaches Abena, steals a glance and decides to walk on. After walking a few steps ahead, she stops, shakes her head and walks back to Abena pulling out some money to help. She bends to comfort the sullen Abena and hands her the notes she believes will cover the cost and quickly walks off.

Gemimah wherever you are we just want to say God bless you for not allowing our everyday thoughts engulf you. Love on The Streets celebrates you this week.


God bless you for reading.

Do you have any experience that you would consider as an act of love on the Streets?Kindly email it to us at, so we share your story.


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