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On My Knees, Lord

Sarah hadn’t been able to sleep all night. She had kept tossing and turning and her heart throbbed as if something was wrong. Unfortunately, this year, she had chosen a one man apartment in the hostel so she had no one to while the night away with. She had tried listening to music yet that had also proved futile.  She knew if music didn’t help then no movie or series would help get rid of that daunting feeling in the bottom of her stomach. What was wrong?

Mike-her boyfriend- had called around 10 PM and asked if she would want to go clubbing, as he usually did every Friday night, but she had declined. Mike had then offered to come over but she knew his visit would end up with them making passionate love and that was the last thing on her mind at that moment, again she had politely waned the offer and told him she would call him back.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud siren announcing the fact that the megaphone used by the dawn broadcaster had just been turned on. She sighed loudly at the sound, on other days she would have angrily gotten out of bed, stormed out to the balcony and poured out all the unwholesome words her mind could conjure at that time of the morning.
This dawn was different. She actually felt today’s message might help get rid of that feeling. Anxiously, she waited for them to begin to preach but no one said a word. She reasoned they might be praying and gave them a few more minutes yet she still heard nothing. Out of curiosity, she got out of bed, wore her padded room slippers and walked to the balcony. She leaned against the balustrade and searched the compound for the group. At the far corner of the compound, she spotted four figures in a circle holding their hands. Moments later they broke away and one lady took the megaphone. The lady wore a white t-shirt and a pair of loose jean trousers. Sarah walked back into her room and took a seat at the edge of her bed. She didn’t want them seeing her.

‘My dear brethren in the Lord, ‘ the lady began.
‘My name is Chidima Adams and I am blessed to be with you this morning.’
‘Chidima Adams?’ Sarah mouthed to herself. That name sounded awfully familiar yet she couldn’t quite place where she had heard the name.
‘Many of you may have known me as Chidi.’ She continued.
‘Yes! Chidi! I know her!’ Sarah whispered to herself. Chidimah was a notorious addict on campus whom everyone knew. For a while now it seemed she had not been in the system. Sarah stiffled the urge to go back to the balcony to confirm it was really the Chidi she knew.
‘I know many of you are shocked that the notorious Chidi is here with you this very dawn holding a megaphone and talking about brothers and sisters in the Lord. I do not need to go back to fill you in on the details of the old Chidi since almost everyone has heard of my many deeds. From drug abuse, to drunk driving, to organizing thugs to beat people I didn’t like, to partying- there is nothing crazy I didn’t try on this campus.’
‘Eeii Chidi! Is that really you or your twin?!’ Someone shouted from  one of the many other balconies on Sarah’s floor.

‘Yes it is I Chidi, but today I haven’t come to announce a party, or to warn any lady who is trying to grab one of my numerous boyfriends. Today I have come to talk to you about Jesus. Two months ago, while I walked back from a drink up party with dishelved hair and puffing hard on a cigarette stick a gentleman walked up to me and just said these words to me, ‘Chidimah, Jesus loves you.’ He immediately walked away after but those words he said froze me in my tracks. Those words haunted me for days. I could hear them ringing in my ears through out the day and at night in my dreams. Three days later, at about this time I woke up from my sleep and sat in my bed. These same words rang in my ears, and deep anguish engulfed my heart. A gentleman was preaching in my hostel at the time I woke up and he repeated this phrase three times-Jesus loves you. The anguish in my heart felt intense so much that I got up and began pacing about in my room. He said Jesus loved me in spite of everything I had ever done. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard all he was preaching about before, I had on countless occasions. But his…his felt different. It cut right into my soul. It tore down my many veils. It shattered my hard heart. He said Jesus came to die for my sins so I could be reconciled to Him. He said as high as the heavens were from the earth so great was His love  for me and as far as the East was from the West so far had He separated my sin from me if only I believed and confessed Him as my Lord and personal Savior. I feel someone is here today, listening to my voice from a room and she has heard of me and even seen me in action before. I know the anguish you feel in your heart, I know the peace your spirit yearns for. I have been there before, just accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. He loves you. More than any guy would ever love you, He adores you…’

Sarah didn’t know when the tears began to flow down her cheeks or when she had moved from sitting on the bed to kneeling beside it with her face buried in her palms. She wanted Jesus. She wanted Him to take away the anguish, the anxiety, the hopelessness. She wanted Him to give her peace. She knew she had done many things wrong but if God could forgive Chidi then surely He would forgive her.

‘God I am sorry for everything, please give me Jesus, please…’ She pleaded.

Chidi began to sing,

Unto Jesus, I surrender

Unto Him I freely give

I will ever, love and trust Him

In His presence daily live

I Surrender all…Jesus calls us to Himself.

I surrender all.… no one can understand what you feel. No one can give you what you desire apart from Jesus.

Unto Him my blessed Saviour…Come and surrender to Him

I surrender all.

‘Jesus I need you! I surrender!’ Sarah screamed and collapsed on the floor.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Jesus calls you over the tumult. Do not ignore Him any longer. You do not know what may happen in the next few minutes. It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done. You can just believe and say the prayer below. After which we encourage you to find a Bible believing and Holy Spirit led church to attend. You can email us if you have any questions or enquiries about your new found love- Jesus at

Dear Lord,

I know you came to die for me.

I acknowledge I am a sinner.

Please come into my heart and fix me. 

Please come into my life and direct me.

I surrender my all to you Lord.

Please take over.

In Jesus’ name I pray 


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