Letters to God


Dear God,

Must I always have a problem before I write? I realized I haven’t written nor talked much with you this week and I feel empty. Like something is missing and wrong. The week’s activities at church, home and work have gotten me so tied down. Sometimes I feel like giving up because life isn’t giving me much space to breathe.

I need space to clear my head Lord!

I need space to have quality time with you!!

I need space to just be alone-away from all this hustle, noise and complains and everything else!!!

Sometimes when I pray I feel it hits the ceiling and bounces back to me. I feel I shouldn’t even pray at all because the harder I pray, the less you hear me. I need you to hold me and give me assurance that even though everything is upside down and makes no sense now-its all going to be fine.

If you are there please, please help me- I am drowning.

Your daughter,



6 thoughts on “Space

      1. We all need space no matter who we are. We get tired, we need to refuel sometimes we just need to lay down and not think at all. God bless you for sharing


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