Brotherly Love – Episode 8

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Nana was bored. He had tried contacting his close friends to see if they could have a night out, since it was a Friday, but to no avail. One had a date with his girlfriend and the other two couldn’t be reached.

He didn’t feel like playing any games this night so he decided to join Andrea in the hall. Maybe she would tune into a horror movie so they could amuse themselves and he could even offer to make microwave popcorn so they eat with ice cream. That would surely excite her-he knew.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea sat staring at the TV. She wasn’t interested in what was being shown because her mind was so filled up with what she could do to get Nana’s attention. She had almost taken a pen to jot down her ideas and cancel out the ones that looked absurd but refrained from doing so.

‘Rea, are you up for popcorn and ice cream?’ Nana said, cutting into her thoughts.


‘Would you like some popcorn and ice cream?’ Nana asked again, walking up to the centre table to take the remote and surf through the channels.

‘Sure!’ Andrea replied with enthusiasm and jumped out of the couch heading towards the kitchen.

Nana smiled and shook his head. She hadn’t even waited for him, even though he suggested the whole idea.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea snuggled warmly beside her brother as they watched the latest James Bond movie. It seemed no tv station was showing any horror movie so they both settled for James Bond.

Andrea’s mind was still racing. She didn’t know whether to lift Nana’s hand and place it on her bare thigh since she was in shorts and most of her thigh was exposed. Or lean harder into him.

In the end, she took his hand from her shoulder, leant closer into him and allowed his hand to linger on her fleshy thigh. It felt good to have him hold her like that.

Her mind strayed to images from porn material she had seen on Nana’s laptop a few months back. She had never tried kissing anyone and wondered how that would feel. She sighed loudly.

‘Are you OK?’ Nana asked with concern in his voice.

‘Yep, I am fine.’ Andrea replied.

‘Isn’t it weird that we haven’t heard from mum till now?’ Nana asked.

‘Uhhh…I dunno.’

‘I tried calling her but it didn’t go through so I sent a text.’


‘Rea, are you sure you are OK?’

‘Yes…can we please not talk about mum..please.’ Andrea pleaded.

‘Sure, if that’s what you want.’

There was a pause.

‘Can I sleep in your room tonight?’ Andrea asked in a shaky voice.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana was disturbed.

He didn’t understand what Rea wanted anymore. From his encounters with ladies, he knew this was what they did when they wanted attention or something more.

And now she had asked if she could spend the night in his room. He wanted to decline but remembered what had happened two nights ago. What if she ended up crying herself to sleep or worse. Again, he remembered what his mum had told him that morning about being available for his sister so she could talk to him. What if she opened up more while in his room about what had been eating her up.

‘Sure, you can spend the night in my room hun.’ Nana replied.

To be continued….


God bless you


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