Brotherly Love – Episode 7

Misplaced Priorities

Lydia woke up with a start.

The sun was too high, she observed. Then it hit her.

‘Rea!’ She screamed and clumsily jumped out of bed.

‘Reaaaa!’ She continued screaming and run towards her daughter’s room.

She forced Andrea’s door opened but was met with an empty room and a neatly laid bed.


‘Aahhh!’ Lydia jumped out of fright and turned towards the direction of the voice.

‘O Nana! You scared me! Where is your sister?’

Nana stared at his mum with a puzzled look.

‘Mum, its past 8 am. Rea leaves for school before 7:30 am.’ He said.

‘O my goo…’s 8 am?!’ I am late!’

Nana was transfixed. He didn’t know if his mum was upset that his sister had already left for school or that she was late for work.

‘I have to leave for work.’ She said while walking briskly away.

‘Please make some time and talk to your sister ok. I am sure she is having guy issues at school and she needed to talk to me. You are old enough. You can help her, besides you are a guy.’ She continued.

Nana shook his head in disbelief. He couldn’t believe his mum couldn’t even make time to talk to Rea, even if she wanted to speak about something as trivial as guys.
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea was excited and bubbly. So much that her friend noticed.

‘Shheesshh girl, what’s new. You look and sound like you just stepped out of a dream.’

Andrea continued to smile widely.

‘Serwah…’ She began,

Serwah waited eagerly for Andrea to finish her sentence.

Andrea looked up from the book she had been drawing little hearts in and stated,

‘I am in love.’

Serwah threw her head back and laughed hard.

‘Really? Who is he?’

Andrea froze. Was she supposed to tell Serwah that her new found love was her own brother? Her blood brother.

‘Who is he?’ Serwah repeated after a few seconds of waiting impatiently.

‘Does it matter?’ Andrea asked defensively

‘Well…I don’t think so.’ Serwah shrugged and replied.

Andrea smiled.

‘Well, I really love him and I don’t want to lose him.’ She said.

‘Is he handsome?’ Serwah enquired.

‘Of course!’

‘Well, if you don’t want to lose him then you need to do stuff to keep him.’

‘Stuff like?’

‘O come on Rea! Don’t tell me you dunno what to do to keep a guy in your life. Are you that ignorant?’ Serwah asked arching her eyebrow in the process.

‘What if I don’t.’

‘Well, you need to show him physically that you care and also let him have your body. That’s what my boyfriend told me when I asked him how I was to show him I loved him.’

Andrea remained silent and stared at her book.
***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Lydia was swamped with work. There seemed to be no breathing space lately, not for herself much less her children. Her boss had just called from Johannesburg to inform her that her services were needed there in 24 hours.

She had tried to call Nana but couldn’t reach him.

Lydia had rushed home to grab some clothes and was told, by the gateman, that Nana had stepped out a few minutes earlier. Lydia told Abu, the gateman, to inform Nana that she would get in touch with him later in the evening because she was travelling.

Abu had nodded in agreement and closed the gate behind madam’s car.
To be continued…
God bless you



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