Love On the Streets


Most times it seems logical to hide the fact that you are an agent and ambassador of love. It feels better to just follow the crowd and chastise a fellow for doing something wrong or simply quietly walk away.

This week on Love on the Streets, we meet Baby Emmanuel’s Father-Nene. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and church had been glorious. Nene had been grateful that  Emmanuel hadn’t caused a loud, teary scene at church like he had done the past Sunday. Emmanuel’s mum served in the church choir so he, Nene, had decided to relieve her on Sundays and babysit Emmanuel in church. After church ended, Nene had waited for his wife while she attended a short departmental meeting.

The young family didn’t yet own a car so they quickly rushed to join the church bus which would drop them off, for free, at a vantage point. Emmanuel began to cry as soon as they boarded the bus and both parents knew he was hungry. His mum gently took him from his father and satisfied his hunger causing him to doze off. A few minutes into their journey, Emmanuel’s mother received a call from her biological sister asking if she could pass by for a short family meeting. She sought permission from her husband and alighted at the next stop-leaving Emmanuel and Nene alone en route home. 

Nene wasn’t really bothered, because he knew Emmanuel would sleep for at least two and a half hours now that he had been fed and was full. At his designated stop he hoisted Emmanuel unto his hip and gently alighted the church bus holding Emmanuel’s baby bag in the other hand. Nene waited at the bus stop with other passangers for the next commercial vehicle and it soon arrived, clanking loudly. 

Nene struggled on board, took a window seat and stared out of the moving car. Emmanuel remained soundly asleep on his lap.Minutes into the second part of their journey, the clanking, rickety vehicle stopped. All attempts to spark life into the engine proved futile. The other passengers were agitated and began to complain bitterly. Most of them alighted and snatched the remainder of the fare from the poor mate. They didn’t like the fact that they would have to walk the rest of the journey. Nene was tempted to join in the unholy riot against the driver and his mate but one look at their sullen faces spoke millions to his gentle heart.

He left Emmanuel’s baby bag on his seat and alighted to join the mate and driver push the car away from the road to ward off the traffic that was building up.
Nene-God bless you for not towing the line of complaint and grumbling. We pray the Lord continues to increase you and bless you.

Phil 2:14 (NLT)

Do all things without complaining and disputing,

You are blessed



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