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Over and Over and Over

Dear God,

I don’t know what I am doing but I know I need this. Father I am struggling, my heart hurts; it bleeds even. I beat myself up every time it happens but I can’t seem to hold myself back anytime it is offered.

Father, I have prayed about it countless times and made progress a number of those times but I always seem to be drawn back to the same place. Anytime I come across those images on the internet my finger moves to it. I tell myself I wouldn’t, shouldn’t but I still end up there. 

I fill my mind with these profane images and they consume me. Every attractive woman on the streets becomes a figment of my imagination, playing a role in the sexual innuendos that run through my mind. Father you seem to listen to every other cry of mine, why then do you seem so distant from me when it comes to this? My own effort has failed me.

Father I can’t do this anymore. I’m tired. Please take the wheel lest I lose favour with you.

Your son wallowing in sin,



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