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Mario Vazquez painted the perfect picture in this gallery, 

Reminiscent to that of Shirley Frimpong Manso. 

I stand a mirky picture in a Gallery.
Just like eating the right food with the wrong set of cutlery.
Pictures they say speak a million words
But what I paint brings a million tears.
The image I speak sounds Tony Blair
But forget about Tony and focus on blur.
Let me artistically articulate pictorial events devoid of paints and sheets.
All I need is ur imagination and attention.

Imagine this picture;
I dipped my soul in a dark paint,
Painting a black picture of a sick, weak lad.
I was pronounced not to last a week; that bad
But the face of the Lord my mother had to seek,  though sad.
She cried; save my son from this life so bleek, oh God.
Giving up before I could even speak; my dad.
God spoke the truth and the doctor, a lie.
For months, I lived with my intestines content staying outside than inside.
People found me skinny and repulsive
Because I was tiny and convulsive.

Just picture this image;
I dipped my hand in a colourless paint,
And painted a boy hanging on a ledge by his fingers.
The only grasp I had on life was slippery.
This colourless paint was not waterless.
I prayed that upthrust will levitate me But gravity wouldn’t have it that way; pulling me.
Free falling in mid air like a backsliding Christian.
My life was calling and I couldn’t pick up as it flashed before me.
God save me;  I said.
Jude!!!…  That was my mum’s voice I heard.
My life had been spared.

Please view this painting;
I dipped my heart in a red paint
And painted a heart that has bled.
She was ISIS and my heart,  France.
She shredded them into pieces,  the best jigsaw puzzlers couldn’t fit together.
She said words that electrified my soul; ekiki me
But I am not wisa to strip naked;  please don’t imagine that picture.
The pains made me feel numb,  I couldn’t ask for an encore.
What was I to do?
My soul’s sole consolation when in tears
Did not just make me tear but caused the tears.
I pleaded for God to save me from this pain
And He thought me how to suffer to gain.

Please conceive in your mind this art;
I dipped my body in a shade of grey forgetting about the other 49 shades
And realised my life itself was grey.
Diagnosed with a condition that truncates my life at 30.
I am 29 years old and the clock still ticks leaving 9 months of life to live.
Should I die before I wake,
I am confident that this gallery will be  Mona Lisa.
The pains that kills me inside
Is masqueraded by the smile placed on the outside.
The heart that fails at night
While you successfully sleep
Is masked with exuberance at day.
Should I die,  then I am ultimately healed by it.

Take note of this shot;
Not from the barrel of a gun but from the shutter of a camera.
I dipped my spirit in a white paint
Painting a picture so bright it blurs your sight even when all is bright.
Born dead,  but I defied death and lived life.
The pit of death was shut before I could fall in it.
An invisible hand always saved me from visible forces.
Love found me even before my love left me.
Where the obvious love that stood before me  broke me,
The love that was oblivious became obvious and made me.
The one who made me defy dying when I was a week old will make me defy 30.

Permit me to show you this drawing;
I immensed myself in red but not a paint
Yet,  blood drew a perfect picture of me on the blank pages of an ugly world.
I was looking for love from a counterfeit source
While blinded to the Love that looked for me from an original Source.
I have found It’s open doors and by no force, I embrace in remorse and journey to the cross.
Looking for love?
Then look no further,  for there’s no love farther than that of the Father.
The love of man will stand and leave fast
Where the Love of God will remain steadfast.
If you see this picture now,
Who will you journey with?



© All rights reserved by Ayipala Jude Anab.


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