Brotherly Love – Episode 5



Nana was beginning to get worried as he laid on his bed. He hadn’t heard from his sister the whole day and she still wasn’t home at 5:00 pm. He had tried calling her countless times yet the same old voice kept telling him the number could not be reached. He hoped she wasn’t doing anything crazy after last night’s tears.

Nana felt his phone vibrate beside his pillow. He raised his head from his resting position, picked up the phone and realised he didn’t recognise the number. He wasn’t one to answer strange numbers yet he tapped the receive button,

‘Hello?.Nana is Rea. I am stuck in school and I dunno where the driver is.’

‘Rea? Whose number is this? I have been trying to contact you the whole day.’ Nana asked anxiously.

‘My phone is…well…you forget that for now. I am using someone’s phone to call. Can you please come pick me up from school?’

‘Sure. I am on my way. I will call the driver and ask him why he couldn’t make it.’ Nana replied while jumping out of bed to look for his mum’s car keys.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

The silence in the car wasn’t deafening yet it made Rea feel very uncomfortable. She didn’t want to look at her brother’s face so she fidgetted with her fingers on her lap.

‘Is everything all right? How was your day?’ Nana enquired.

‘I am fine. My day was ok.’ Andrea replied bluntly.

Nana was taken aback by her response and for a short while took his eyes off the road to look at his sister. Something was definitely wrong with her and she wasn’t telling.

‘I hear you. Can I ask a question?’ He continued.


‘What happened to your phone and where is it?’

‘Well….it…it fell down and went off.’

Nana didn’t want to probe any longer so he remained silent.

Andrea stretched out her hand and turned the radio on. She didn’t want Nana to talk more, she knew if he continued he would ask why she had cried the night before and she didn’t have answers to that.

Who would have answers to questions about why you were crying when you had waited for your mum till half past midnight just so you talk to her only for her to come scold you for staying up late. And she didn’t even bother to listen to your side of the story.

‘I called the driver.’ Nana said over the sound of the radio.

‘And he said he had tried reaching you to tell you to join the bus cos his car had broken down.’

‘Ok.’ Andrea responded.

Nana didn’t understand what was going on. What was eating Rea up? Why couldn’t she just talk to him? He was her older brother, her only sibling and they had shared so much with each other. So what was preventing her from opening up? What was holding her back?

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Andrea stood on the welcome mat at the main entrance to the hall and stared into space. She had alighted from the vehicle after Nana had driven into the house and left him in the car to finish answering a call he had received.

She walked a few steps ahead, away from the mat and remained still again. She heard Nana enter and close the door and rushed to hug him tightly from behind.

After a few minutes, Nana broke the hug apart by pulling away and turned to look at his sister in amusement. Andrea rushed off to her room just as Nana turned around.

Nana smiled.

To be continued….


God bless you


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