Love On the Streets · Religion-Christianity


We know the love of many is growing cold. Overly,we have heard the end time message and seen the signs attesting that fact. Darkness may be overwhelming but there are still a few lighted candles which are not hidden under any bushel. We see them but don’t take notice of them-that shouldn’t be a bother actually because their reward is great in Heaven and it awaits them.
Today, I will introduce you to a man I spotted during the week. I didn’t speak to him-but I took note of His act of love on the street. Let’s call this man Kwabena.

Kwabena lives at the other side of town-the part where everyone describes as a slum. On that day, Kwabena decided he would rather walk than sit idle in traffic. So he alights from this rickety commercial vehicle, checks to ensure no damage has been done to his clothes and begins to walk. He realizes there are many people who have also chosen to stick to his decision of walking so he is not a loner on his journey.

Afar off he spots someone rolling herself in her wheelchair. He doesn’t pay much attention at first but as he draws close he is touched to help. A lady without legs is seated in the wheelchair and she is working tireless at turning her wheels to ensure she can keep moving. She wants to make it home on time so she can see what can be made for supper.
Kwabena approaches this lady in her chair with a cheerful smile and offers to help wheel her locomotive machine to her final destination. The lady is touched and cannot but help repeat profusely over the journey about how grateful she is.
Halfway through their journey, I happen to look out of my car window in frustration from staying in traffic and I see Kwabena trying to hoist this lady in a wheelchair unto an elevated platform which serves as the side walk so they can continue on their journey.
Kwabena-where ever you are- I pray God blesses you for this act of kindness. Heaven rewards your compassionate heart. You have shown us the world isn’t totally frozen over by the lack of love.
You have shown love on the streets-we celebrate you.

God bless you.



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