Letters to God

I Hate Myself

Dear God,

It’s me again…I know…you already know why I am writing this but I am tired Lord. I did it again last night. I really tried to get my mind of those illicit pictures but the mere fact that I exposed my eyes to them…..

I hate myself! I hate the fact that I keep falling and rising. I know your word says the righteous shall fall seven times and rise but I think I have fallen uncountable times- I prefer to lay down sprawled on the dirty ground, never to rise again. I have heard of other people who decided to stop masturbation and snap!, it just happened. Why not me too?!

I know, I know…people are struggling with fornication, I am struggling with masturbation and I seem to want to kill myself. I am tired Lord!

Isn’t there anyone i can talk to?

Please help me, please forgive me… I don’t want to talk to anyone else but you… You always have all the answers.😢

Your fallen daughter,



12 thoughts on “I Hate Myself

  1. I think God carefully planned out our lives.The plan was/is so detailed, it factors in our flaws and failures and mistakes.It contains allowances for messes. Not to say that we should continue to sin so that grace abounds. I’m just saying that God has an eye for seeing final products in unrefined, raw materials. Sherrie great work !


  2. That’s a powerful letter Prissy….. would be more powerful if you could help Em get a reply from God. God bless you Prissy. I’m proud of you


  3. Bless u! i feel this is a letter many young people keep writting to GOD and never get to mail it….. i hope em would get a reply soon.


  4. A burden a lot of Christians carry, addiction. The good thing is while you are hating yourself He is loving you. Many will be touched by this. God bless you.


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