Brotherly Love – Episode 4

Girl in black and white

Empty Screams

Andrea got to school before 7:20 am. With her head down, and shoulders slumped she walked to her empty classroom.

Nana had helped last night by holding her. It felt so right to be in his arms and to hear him speak such soothing words when mum had scolded her without giving her a chance to speak.

Thinking about all this brought tears to her eyes. She didn’t want to cry again, not here in school and not the second time in the day because she had cried silently after her mum had left her hanging that morning. She didn’t want to have an encounter with Nana before leaving the house so she had quickly taken a shower and rushed out of the house.

She decided to call her dad since her mum wasn’t available. She knew mum wouldn’t come home early from work just to speak to her. Mum hadn’t been home before 9 pm for a very long time and once in a while out of courtesy she called to inform them.

She slowly dialled her father’s number on her phone and stared at the screen. She didn’t want to call him but she honestly needed someone apart from Nana to speak to. She hit the green call button and slowly brought the phone to her ear.

‘The number you have dialled….’

‘Aaarrgghhh!’ she screamed in anger and threw her phone in the direction of the board.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Nana woke up with a start.

He turned sideways to look at the time on his phone.

It read 7:45 am

He groaned. Nana had wanted to speak to Andrea before she left for school. He knew she wouldn’t be in the house by this time, neither would his mum.

With much effort he dragged himself out of bed and headed towards the kitchen- the kitchen seemed to be his next preferred place in the house apart from his room.

Nana, Andrea and Lydia lived in a 3 bedroom house with a hall, kitchen and garage. The house belonged to Lydia’s company but had been given to her when she had been promoted to one of the managerial positions in the company a few years back. It was located in one of the plush estates in the city with tarred roads and street lamps that worked and were maintained.

Nana felt life was becoming a drag, he needed to get his hands on something to do. He couldn’t remain this idle till his results came.

He and a couple of friends had sat down to estimate and draw a large budget to start a car business by borrowing capital from Lydia, his mum, but she had dismissed the idea before he had finished giving her details.

After explaining to him that she felt he wanted to enter the car business out of youthful exuberance she further justified her claim with the fact that she didn’t have that kind of money in any of her accounts to give out neither was she willing to take a loan, she had then invited him to come work for her company. Nana had angrily declined.

He wondered how Rea was holding up in school. Unlocking his phone, he dialled her number but received a message informing him her phone could not be reached.

‘That’s strange.’ He said to himself.

‘Rea never puts off her phone.’

Shrugging, he opened the fridge in search of something to have for breakfast.


***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Rea sat alone in a padded straw couch under one of the three summer-huts in the school compound waiting nonchalantly for her driver. Most of her friends had left and she had realised after her anger fit in the morning that her phone was no longer functioning and the screen was badly cracked.

She exhaled loudly through her mouth.

‘Rea? What are you still doing here?’

She heard a voice ask from behind.

From the voice, she concluded Nii Noi was the one attempting to speak to her. The only nerd in the class who didn’t seem bothered that no one liked him.

‘Yeah, I dunno what’s happening to my driver and I can’t call cos my phone…well…’

‘Your phone?’ Nii probed.

‘Yeah… decided not to work.’

‘Your phone decided not work? Can I see please?’


‘Why not…I just want to help.’

‘Well, you can help by giving me your phone so I call my brother and ask him to come pick me up.

Nii hesitated for a while before taking out his phone from his side pocket and handed it over to Andrea.

Andrea accepted the phone and muttered her appreciation under her breath, dialling her brother’s number in the process.

 ….to be continued….


You are blessed.

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