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I am love.
I am not a feeling of fear
You express to someone dear.
I am not the words so mere
You carry in a drop of tear.
I am courage in this sphere
You hear here in your ear.

I am love
I am not heard in nakedness.
I am not the flatter
When your clothes are in scatter.
I am not what you utter
When on vanity’s alter.
I am the smarter matter you utter
When your are not in tatter.

I am love.
I am not found beneath that bottle
When you find yourself tipsy.
I am not the quantity you gobble
To propose; that’s flimsy.
I am above the exhausted throttle
When you no longer see gipsey.

I am love.
I am not a feeling you feel.
I am not the shape seeing you seal.
I am not the perfect being you conceal.
I am not a conditional express
You express on condition.
I am an involuntary act
When voluntary is illogical.

I am a forever experience lived shortly.
I am an eternal feeling in a transient world.
I am the foundation
That holds the world on its axis.
I am the sacrifice that suffices
When passion greets compassion.
I am Lovely Love
Loving enough to forever Love you.

© All rights reserved by Ayipala Jude Anab.


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