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I am the one You emancipated,
Who’s sins You decimated
And granted a salvation I appreciated.
But the grip of sin draws me,
It beats me and deforms me,
Seduces me and reforms me.
Now I stand before Grace,
Feeling so lost without a trace.
The maze of my ways has brought me disgrace
And now I can’t look You in the face.

Yeah, I am the one You emancipated
But I follow the attraction of pleasures
And wallow in this world’s treasures.
I now prefer to “shoki”
“Shoki shoki” in the rythms of this world
Than to “walki”
“Walki walki” in the wisdom of His word.
I now find solace on vanity’s altar
Than I find comfort in His shelter.
I am lost even from a mile yonder.

See, I am the one You emancipated
And gave me a hormone to be sexual
But now I prefer to be homosexual.
I find repulsive the opposite attraction
Yet find attractive the likely repulsion.
I even play with my genitals,
Fitting fingers into me
Though I have no degree in gynaecology,
Disectimg myself like biology
And after, leave You with an apology.

I am the one You emancipated
And taught me of your genuine love.
Yet, I love the nakedness of my opposite.
I have fallen in the grave of sex
And sealed my tomb with a hex.
I am covered in dirt
Like a seed of corn.
I am clothed in the cloak of flirt
And a big fan of porn.
I know, I am far gone.

But, I am the one You emancipated
And told me to get drunk with Your Spirit.
Well I am drunk, only with the bottle’s spirit.
I am hanged over from drunkenness
On a day You hang over in nakedness.
Vices have robbed me of life
And left me with a death wish.
I have massacred my spirit,
Slaughtered my soul
And now hang on the balance of my body.

Yet, I am the one You emancipated,
The one You liberated
And gifted an eternity of redemption.
So I go on my knees in reflection,
Reflecting on calvary’s salvation.
Save me from sin’s damnation.
I am a royal priesthood; a holy nation
Set apart for this generation.
The one You emancipated calls for re-emancipation.
Set me free Father of creation
For I am still the one You emancipated.

© All rights reserved by Ayipala Jude Anab.


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