Brotherly Love – Episode 3

A Listening Ear
Nana had stepped out of his room barefooted with a black T-shirt and a cream coloured knee length shorts which served most times as his nightwear. He was heading to the kitchen to get a glass of water when he heard loud sobbing. At first, he thought it was his groggy mind playing games on him but he inched towards Andrea’s room and realised the door had been left slightly ajar and his sister was on her bed with her head in between her knees.
His heart sank. Rushing to her side, he sat beside her and held Andrea in his arms. Nana didn’t want to know who caused her to cry this much, he just wanted her to stop weeping. After a few minutes, she seemed to have calmed down and breathed heavily against his chest. Gently he laid her down, covered her up with her duvet and walked out of the room, shutting the door carefully behind him.
All thoughts of quenching his thirst had eluded him. He walked back to his room, laid on his bed and stared hard at the ceiling.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Andrea heard her name being mentioned softly in her sleep, she turned her head to the direction of the voice and slowly opened her eyes.
She realised her mum was sitting beside her on her bed. Her first instinct was to shut her eyes and force herself back to sleep but her mum had already seen that she was awake.
‘Good morning dear. How was your night.’ Lydia asked with a wide grin.
Andrea struggled to sit up and stared at her mum.

‘Rea?…Did you hear me?’

Andrea remained silent.

‘Seriously, young lady you need to show some respect! Can you not hear me?!’ her mother demanded.
‘Good morning mum.’ Andrea said, looking down at the incoherent lines in her palms which laid on her lap.
‘That’s better.’ Lydia replied sternly.
‘About last night….’ Lydia began but was interrupted by a phone call.
‘Let me answer this call and get back to you OK’ she whispered to her daughter, as she got out of the bed and walked to Andrea’s window.
‘Hello? Andy, can I call you back?’
‘O my goodness!’ I thought I emailed it!’ Lydia replied frantically to the caller.
‘This can’t be happening. Don’t worry I am going to resend it right now. We can’t afford to lose this deal!’
‘OK…bye…I will call you back soon!’ Lydia ended the call in anguish. She thought she had mailed the revised business plan to their prospective client but it seemed she had sent a wrong file.
She scolded herself for not being more careful while reviewing everything before sending.
‘Rea, I am so sorry. We will have to continue this chat in the evening, I promise to be home on time ok. Please forgive me.’ Lydia apologised profusely while running out of her daughter’s room.
‘Yes ma’am, Andrea replied quietly to herself.
‘And please hurry up and get dressed, it’s 6:20 am and the driver will be here soon to pick you up for school!’ Lydia screamed at her daughter from the hallway.
Andrea sat in bed staring at her duvet after her mum left. She honestly wished things were different. She wished she could open up to her mum. Her heart ached for more intimacy with her mum. All the other girls in school kept stuff away from the mums with the excuse of them being too nosy but Andrea really wanted to let her mum in on this if only she would make time!

….to be continued…


You are blessed.

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