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The Extra Mile

You can call me biased and totally unspiritual but sometimes I feel God really goes the extra, extra mile just to make sure our eyes are open to see we are heading toward a deep, dark ditch. Yep!
Last night at around  11 pm I was sitting in a saloon, while my hair was being braided. Yes o! 11pm, an hour to midnight. That’s what happens when your hair needs a revival but all your time is filled up with work, school and church(my life story).
I was listening to an interesting programme being hosted by a renowed lady on one of these local stations. Apparantly, this programme runs every Saturday from 10pm -12 midnight and they just allow people to call in and ask for guidance on issues concerning their relationships.
A lady called and was crying.

Her heart was broken. She said she was due to marry next Saturday but just that evening she had walked in on her husband-to-be and her maid of honour making love. Her maid of honour couldn’t take the shame so she run out before our dear female caller could ask any questions or throw a fit. By some unknown grace, she had enough patience to ask her fiancé why he did that and the man actually had two reasons which he outlined plainly. He said ever since they began dating two years ago, she hadn’t allowed him to have his way with her thus he was burning. And secondly, he claimed her maid of honour had been throwing herself at him so he did the needful.

I was sad for her, extremely broken but it hit me just now. God has saved her from a marriage of tears, sorrow and lies. I am certain this young gentleman had been showing numerous red flags of not being an honourable man fit for marriage however our female caller was either blinded by love or deliberately chose to turn a blind eye.

Psalm 121:3

He will not let your foot slip– he who watches over you will not slumber;

We mustn’t always cry and lament over spilt milk, because in actual sense the milk might have been stale. It’s just another opportunity to get a new jar of delicious, fresh milk.

He won’t let your foot slip, just trust him. If it’s a heart break- a better man is coming your way, if it’s a job loss- God is granting you the opportunity to start your own business, if it’s the loss of a loved one-God wants you to know He is ever there to show you love.

Trust Him!

Let’s take this to the world!

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God bless!
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14 thoughts on “The Extra Mile

  1. Prissy babe..nice piece…have a few things to say though..a life full of work,school and church may look cool but if u ask me u missing a lot…don’t fall into the trap of mistaking church wfork for Godliness….make time for frens an family, for relaxation,pursue a hobby,have adventures,

    Concerning the bridesmaid too, how can she stab her friend like that….in the back paaaaa….her…dats witchcraft… Women shd be careful who they choose as friends and brides maid..

    And the man pleaded guilty with explanation?hehehehe ..
    That’s a man for u…even Adam pleaded guilty with explanation…so he was burning with passion? Na waaa oooo.Could they have brought the wedding two weeks earlier? Could the woman have given him guidance and encouragement to handle his sexual desire? Could the woman have forgiven the bmaid?to forgive is divine.

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  2. Nice piece, She is even lucky to have witnessed it before marrying him.The heart break would have been worse. Some men and women can be wicked papa.


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