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Not More Than Yourself

‘Akua, the Bible has always said I should love my neighbour as myself…not more than myself!’ Aeeii…please o, I beg.’ Suzzette said sarcastically.
‘Hmmm, but the Bible never said the latter part of your statement. Why then are you adding it?’ Akua asked thoughtfully.

‘Madam, I have no time to give you a whole lesson on loving your neighbour. You are the Osofo Maame, you used to say it before and after you led me to Christ.’ Suzzette said,in the process of turning around, clicking away in her pair of black, shiny heels.
Akua was taken aback by Suzzette’s statement. All Akua had come to do was plead that Suzzette would keep she -Akua- and the others informed if she heard anything about the National service personnel being maintained in the bank.

Suzzette didn’t seem enthused in the least about helping the others by submitting their CV’s and cover letters to the personal assistant of the MD, just as she had done for herself.

It wasn’t the fact that Suzzette was blatantly refusing to help that caught Akua off guard, it was the statement Suzzette made before walking off.
Akua asked herself if she had really been the one feeding this maturing Chtistian such rotten meat while Suzzette grew spriritually. Akua had led Suzzette to Christ a few months after they had began service. It had been a simple but glorious experience with Suzzette confessing she had been drawn to Akua by her constant display of joy, humility, love and her genuine enthusiasm for God.
Akua allowed her head to drop in shame and walked to her department in deep thought. 

She asked herself if her loose words even as a child of God had caused this?

She remebered the Bible always said to love our neighbour as ourself and to owe no one nothing but love.
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I had a talk with a very good friend earlier this year about the new cliché in town. I told him I used to hear people say it and it never really pricked my thoughts but of late, the statement had been causing me to think a lot.

‘Love your neighbour as yourself and not more than yourself.’
I am sorry but the Bible never said ‘ not more than yourself.‘ I feel we have misquoted the Bible to fit and meet our selfish needs and desires. True love is never about the giver. Christ’s love for us caused Him to die on the cross that we might be redeemed when we believe. Can we categorize that as Christ loving us more than himself?

Christ demonstrated love!

This is because love according to 1 Corinthians 13 is kind to the other person, is patient to the receiver, is not a record keeper of wrong done by the beneficiary of our love and the list goes on, all for the receiver’s sake.

Please let’s throw that whole misconception out. Let us not confuse love with fear,infatuation, lust or plain stubbornness.

Love your Neighbour as yourself!!!!


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Osofo Maame- Pastor’s Wife

MD- Managing Director

God bless you!

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2 thoughts on “Not More Than Yourself

  1. Perfect love casts away fear. I think most people haven’t realised just yet how selfless love is meant to be…no fear of loss no excitement of gain. Just “plain rice” kind of love.

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