Brotherly Love- Episode 2


‘Nana, I am home oo!’ Andrea screamed from the kitchen.
She had felt a craving for ice cream while heading back from school and upon arriving home had quickly rushed to the kitchen to check if some had been made available in the freezer.
Andrea was in luck, she found a whole bowl of vanilla flavoured ice cream in the freezer.Gingerly, she pulled it out and scooped a large portion into a ceramic bowl licking the spoon in the process.
‘This is the life!’ She gleefully said to herself.
‘Nana!!!..where are youuuu? I am having ice cream!’ she screamed again over her bowl of ice cream.
‘Right behind you Rea’ Nana replied from the doorway to the kitchen.
Andrea turned around from the kitchen counter, where she had been busy, to see her brother leaning against the doorway with his hands shoved into his pockets.

She froze.
He was in a pair of knee-length khaki shorts and a yellow round neck T-shirt. Those butterflies had started again…and this time they were overworking themselves because she couldn’t even mutter a word. He looked so….

‘Why are you staring?’ Her brother asked defiantly.
‘Uhhh..sorry, my bad’ Andrea managed to stutter before turning around to her ice cream.
‘How was your day?’ He continued
‘Borinnngggg’ she answered as she dug into her ice cream. At least the ice cream was preventing her from making any eye contact with him, she thought to herself.
He laughed out loud and asked,
‘When are your days never boring Rea?’
‘I know right!… Andrea answered, still scooping ice cream into her mouth.
‘Sheesh…you should slow down on that…no one is racing you to finish that ice cream.’
With her mouth still full, she turned to face her brother who was now to her left and smiled.
‘Anyway, mum called-said she will be late’
‘Again’ he added sarcastically.
Andrea paused midway to pushing another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth and replied,
‘Well she is always late….that’s no news.’
‘What should we have for supper Nana?’ She asked after gulping the ice cream in her mouth down.
‘Rea really?..with all that ice cream you just gulped down you are asking what’s for supper?
‘Uhh..yeah…this isn’t food, you know that.’
Nana threw his head back and laughed.
The butterflies were at it again and this time her hands quivered too.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Lydia Coleman opened her front door at half past midnight.

She was exhausted.

She had expected to walk through the hall straight to her room, take off her clothes, skip showering and sleep but was greatly disappointed to meet Andrea, her youngest daughter sitting in front of the TV surfing through channels.
‘Oh hi mum. You are welcome.’ Andrea said when she noticed her mum in the hall.
‘What are you doing up at this time young lady…have you forgotten you have school tomorrow?!’ Lydia asked sternly.
‘Yes but…’
‘Rea..this is not the time to be saying buts…it’s past midnight for goodness sake!’
Andrea sat frozen with the remote pointing at the television. She had stayed up half the night just so she could meet her mum after work and talk to her about her emotions.
‘Are you still sitting here?!’ Lydia bellowed
‘Come on!…get up! Now!’
Andrea turned the TV off, placed the remote on the centre table and walked towards her room with her head hang low. Tears welled up in her eyes.
Lydia watched her daughter walk out of the hall to her room and collapsed on the nearest couch,
‘I just can’t believe this little girl sometimes….how can you stay up so late when you know you have school the next day!’
After a few minutes, she slowly got up and walked toward her room.

See you next week Tuesday (God willing)

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