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Brotherly Love- Episode 1

OK, so by God’s grace we are starting our little series. You might be shocked by what you discover as the plot builds but I can boldly tell you that all these scenarios are happening in real life. Its my prayer that we all learn something by the time we are done. Don’t forget to like and comment.


Andrea fiddled with her pen and finally let it drop on to the page she was supposed to be writing on. She wasn’t interested in what the teacher was saying and wished she could make him dissipate. She turned her head, from where she sat in the third seat on the second row, to scan the faces of her classmates to see who was actually listening to the old dude. Out of a class of 25, including herself, 24 were not paying attention. She knew by the funny faces they were making at each other, and how they seemed to constantly look at their laps-they were definitely finding more joy on one of many social media platforms.
Andrea’s 7th Grade classroom wasn’t extraordinarily large.It was painted sky blue and had a white PVC ceiling with outlets for the central Air Condition system and light. It housed five rows of customised student chairs and tables leaving adequate gap between rows for teachers to move about freely. The front of the class had a green board, with a slide over marker board. In St. Abigail’s Montessori, one of the elite school’s in town, teachers were not given the luxury of personal chairs in class. The management of the school believes this would make them lazy, thus the only furniture  at the front of the class apart from the board was a simple but elegant wooden table. Teachers placed all their teaching aids and accessories till their lessons were over.

The back of the classroom held a backboard layered with foam and a waste basket. The board was for students to display their creativity. However, once in a while, some teachers posted results of tests conducted and in some extreme cases graded answer sheets of tests.

Andrea sighed, she missed him. Her heart skipped a beat.


She knew he was supposed to be off limits but lately she just couldn’t get her mind off him.

He looked more handsome without his nerdy glasses and his goofy smile just got the butterflies in her tummy in a frenzy state. She wished she could talk to someone about how he made her feel, but mum was always too busy. Mum always seemed to have something to do.

It felt so right feeling this way about him yet so wrong too…aaaarrgghh!…she honestly wished she had someone she could talk to….anyone!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***  ***  ***

Nana sat alone in his bedroom staring at the TV screen hoisted onto his bedroom wall. Boredom beckoned at him. He didn’t feel like playing any video games or chatting with anyone, he didn’t want to do anything.

It had been long since he saw or spoke to his dad. His dad seemed to have gone AWOL on he and Andrea lately- not even showing up at Andrea’s recent birthday party. She had flared up! She didn’t want to listen to any excuse or reason to explain why her own dad hadn’t appeared at her birthday party. It wasn’t like Nana knew the reason for this but he knew he couldn’t make his dad look worse in his younger sister’s eyes.

She had screamed so much and cried so loud that midway through the party, Nana and his mum had to usher everyone out. He had held her close to his chest, patted her back till she stopped crying because mummy wasn’t in the mood for Andrea’s nonsense as she had sternly stated early on while they slowly let everyone out of the house.

He loved her-Andrea. He didn’t want anything bad to ever happen to her and he didn’t want his father hurting her again. He had had the mind to call him and let out his personal rage after the whole birthday incident but had lost the courage to do so a few days later. He disliked his father, he didn’t want to use the word hate as it felt too strong for him. He remembered how he used to come home drunk and how he and mum used to shout at each other through out the night and finally their nasty divorce. A divorce which had both parents sleeping in different jail cells for the weekend.
See you on Thursday(God willing)

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