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This Song!

I believe the Holy Spirit has successfully kept this song ringing in my head for a whole twenty-four hours and I honestly don’t think I have any option but to write on it.
Funny thing is, I do not even know the exact lyrics of the song nor the artiste- and yes, I have refused to google it(lol)

Anyway, here goes;

(Clearing my throat)

We dunno when

We dunno how

But all we know

He is coming

Like a thief

In the night
At least those are the words I remember. I think the message of the rapture is being taken a little too lightly lately. People say all kinds of things right from the supposed Christian to the aethist. Commenting on if the rapture would ever occur, why it has taken so long, how they want to marry and give birth before it actually occurs and a whole lot more.

We mustn’t get frightened at the thought of it because the whole event spells our liberation from the chains of this dark world. Even if the rapture doesn’t occur till 2099, you should know that you are definitely not going to live that long.

You may not witness the rapture where we would be transformed and all but you will surely die. 

Yep, and after death what next?

Do you believe you would be welcomed and congratulated on being a good and faithful servant?

Or would you be dismissed for being a bad one.

Let’s live every second knowing that everything we do on this earth is eligible for judgement. Let us do it as unto God because in truth you shall be judged for everything you ever did here.

Get ready for His coming

God bless you.

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Countdown to new series is still on!

Be expecting!


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