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Lest We Forget…

Deuteronomy 6:12
Then beware, lest you forget the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage

Do you sometimes forget the goodness of good in your life?..well I do..sometimes…actually most of the time. 

This morning, as I read through some verses for my quiet time, the above verse struck me. It hit me hard and made me realize that over the past few months, I had been complaining and murmuring and it was all because I had chosen to forget the goodness of God. I am using the word chosen because I personally believe we unconsciously decide to forget the goodness of God in our lives especially when things are not going the way we expect. We want to be allowed to complain,murmur, grumble and to feel good that we are doing all three or less. We would prefer to shift blame because things are not going so well therefore something must be wrong-the root cause being the ‘x’ we must solve out of the equation.

A friend of mine came to mind while I was meditatated this morning. Just last week Friday while returning from an all-night in our church bus( I must add here, that all night service was just off the hook!..I mean it was GLORiOUS!)OK, so back to my friend. Someone in the bus asked if he had made it for the all-night service and I declined. I explained that I had spoken to him a few hours before leaving my house for the service and he had said he wouldn’t be able to make it. The reason for this decision I didn’t enquire.

One of the gentlemen then made a comment, (paraphrasing)

‘Hmmm…when you are searching for a job di3 every time you are in the house of God…but after you get it….’ He left the sentence hanging.

Well i personally thought that wasn’t a fair statement to make but i kept silent. 

This morning however, i noticed something. 

Is it true that we wait on God for many things and once he begins to answer, we fill our lives with these things and eventually push Him out or relegate Him to the back?

Do we stop going for rehearsal because we are so tired from the work he granted us favour to acquire?

Do we absent ourselves from church activities because voluntary office work beckons at us?

I am not writing this to make anyone feel guilty( I am definitely a part of this. My youth choir folks are tired of my many Saturday excuses for not making it to rehearsal. I have changed!) I want us to rethink our motives. Have we forgotten so soon?

May we not forget.

Stay blessed.


I know it’s been long I posted, please believe me when I say this time around is for a worthy cause. Lol…we are working on a new series which would start soon. Keep reading!


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