Poem · Terrific Writers · ThEiR wOrDs


The streets run red with wine
The bodies of water that surrounded, bore the moon’s shine
The little children run helter-skelter with smiles

As shots of the fire crackers exploded
And lit the teary eyes of the mothers.
The men were fighting back the urge to lose themselves in dance
For the shells were disposed, the rifles unused

The explosives left redundant and their plans exposed.
Peace has prevailed
They sought for blood to be shed
But the blood shed by our forefathers was enough for the cleansing of the land.

The people had risen up and in unity abhored the rumor of disunity
They had showed a bond far greater than the links of iron shackles in proving that indeed Peace was a taste worth savouring.

They had gone beyond tribal and political differences and in love and oneness of mind elected a ruler for themselves.

And now they celebrate a victory far greater than any other
Not the ruler, nor the party, neither the tribe but the victory of the Nation

They celebrate Peace.

Written by: Unnamed Writer


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