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The Ones who shout the Loudest!…


‘Yes Pastor! Tell them o tell them!’ Nina Dogbe shouted from the fourth row as she stood and raised both hands to the ceiling.
After a few minutes of standing, she took her seat again, rather tentatively, just in case Pastor hit one of her favourite lines again and he did!

‘You can’t expect to open your legs to every man who says he is interested and think they love you enough to stay with you!’ Pastor exclaimed, obviously spured on by Nina’s outburst.

‘Eeii Pastor! B)h) biom!…I mean…I mean how?!’ Nina jumped up again, hugging herself tightly and rocking her upper body from side to side.

I sat, at the back, thinking and feeling remorseful that just last night Jim and I had such a wonderful experience which had been marred by a simple kiss. We both wanted to keep a pure relationship but tempers, emotions and everything ‘risable’ were rising. He had apologized after the whole, rather short, incident. Not once, or twice but I believe more than ten times.

I told him I had forgiven him, and asked that we put the whole incident behind us. Today he wasn’t in church, I believe if he had made it he too would have cringed under Pastor’s preaching and
Nina’s outrageous display of spiritualism.

I bowed my head in shame but reassured myself with the fact that God’s mercies were new each morning, meaning we had started on a fresh page -God and i- this new day. I partially listened to the rest of Pastor’s words and deliberately ignored Nina’s continuous unneeded acts.

Finally the service ended, but I had a couple of departmental meetings to attend so I stayed back. I took a seat on the last row and stared at the spot where we usually converged as a department. My mind was in another world trying to forge safety measures to prevent Jim and I from repeating yesternight’s act. My mind made a ‘to earth’ call when I heard ladies screaming and shouting unwholesome words. What was happening, I asked myself.

‘Prostitute! Boy friend snatcher and stealer! Fake Christian! Everyone will see you for who you are today!’

I turned in time to see a shabily dressed lady pull at Nina’s hair with so much force.

Nina could only cry out in pain and manage to scream a bit for help but all help was at bay. The angry lady had shown a small pocket knife to everyone and threatened to hurt Nina or anyone else who tried to rescue her.

‘This whimp deserves it! She stole my man as well as that of my friend’s!

She paused to catch her breathe, still holding at Nina’s hair and waving the knife in all directions.

‘You these Christian ladies think you can deceive everyone eh! I was here… I saw this lady as she held herself when Pastor preached about fornication. I came purposely to look for her and warn her but after that show she put up I just had to expose her!’ The lady continued

‘Please I am sorry. Please help me.’ Nina cried softly. The roots of her hair were in pain as well as her neck but we couldn’t help.

‘Young lady put down that knife at once!’ Pastors voice bellowed from behind me.  I was so enthralled by what was happening that I didn’t notice anyone come up behind me.

The lady was moved to obedience by the very authority from Pastor Ben’s voice and slowly laid her weapon on the tiled floor. After a little hesitation, she let go of Nina’s hair as well.

‘The two of you! My office! Now!.’ Pastor commanded and walked towards his office.

I shook my head in disbelief. Wasn’t it this same Nina who made me feel like I had literally re-crucified Christ by allowing my flesh to slip last night? And now see what was happening to her.

It wasn’t that I was being too quick to judge but a couple of months ago I had heard a rumour going round about Nina and her ‘apparant’ sexual escapades with people’s boyfriends. This scene had just proven it. This time it seemed she had bitten of way more than she could chew and from the wrong person too!

My mum used to tell me;
‘Don’t be deceived Eli, those who shout the Loudest….

She never really finished that statement but I think I now understand her- perfectly.

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God bless you.


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