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Just this Once…


‘We are sorry to inform you that you did not pass the interview for a position in our company.
Kindly re-apply in 12 months. We wish you the very best
KRIF Group of Companies

Daniel groaned in frustration and punched hard at the already cracked wall forming a part of the enclosure he now referred to as his room. It housed everything he possessed in his almost too miserable life. Frustration, like sweat, seeped through the very pores of his skin.

He was tired.

He was angry

He couldn’t tell exactly how he felt because everything felt surreal. He thought he had nailed this one. Out of the many failed aptitude tests, this was the only one which gave him a second chance to rewrite since they said he scored pretty close to the pass mark.

He had rewritten and passed and was asked to come for an interview. He felt he had aced that one too. He had even dreamt he had the job and had been promoted every year for 3 years straight!…and now this text message had just dashed his hopes. Literally buried them below six feet with no hope of resurrection.

Five years in searching of a job was not easy. It wasn’t that he was lazy, on the contrary being idle made him sick. Sick to the stomach that his life was just wasting away. He had prayed, he had fasted, he had sowed seeds and even some of his possessions, visited prayer camps, bought anointing oils, blessed water, sanctified holy food- there was nothing ‘Christian’ he hadn’t tried yet just to land a job. However, all were to no avail.

Last week he had met an old friend. He had been shocked at the car Bruce now drove and the clothes he wore. They had both had their national service in the same primary school far, far away in a hidden village in the North where females were still circumcized and young girls given in marriage to the ‘great grand-fathers’ as wives. He and Bruce had been teachers. After service they had moved back to Accra in search of jobs but no one employed them.

He had lost contact with Bruce along the way and now five years down he could just stare. Bruce had no wedding band on but had rings on almost all his other fingers.

******   ******   ******   *******   ******

‘Why do you look so shocked?’ Bruce had asked after Daniel kept staring.

Daniel regained his composure and replied,
‘Hmm, sorry for staring but chale Bruce…’

‘I know, I know…’ Bruce cut in and smiled even more broadly.

‘Bros, please share you secret cos man dey suffer!’ Daniel exclaimed in frustration throwing his hands up in the air in the process.

Bruce kept smiling and asked Daniel to get into the car.

‘Let me take you out for lunch so we talk about what I do.’

Daniel run for the handle of the passenger door to get into Bruce’s plush car.

Daniel had found out over lunch that Bruce helped smuggle cocaine out of the country. He had done it just twice and was now filthy rich. He had actually invited Daniel to join on his next trip but Daniel had declined.

‘You know I am a child of God, I don’t condone such illegal ways to make money.’ Daniel had replied.

Bruce broke out into laughter.

‘Danny, Danny, times change. You should know that doing that doesn’t disobey the good old Bible. It might be illegal though but nowhere is it mentioned in the Bible…thou shalt not smuggle cocaine…Besides it’s not like you are going to sniff it.

******   ******   ******   *******   ******

Daniel stared at Bruce’s number on his phone. He felt he could try this. Just this once, so he could move out of this rat hole, buy himself a car and start a consulting business.

Just this once,  he tried convincing himself. He knew it was wrong but….
Just then this verse came to mind

James 4:17
If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

Slowly, Daniel dropped the phone. He knew he needn’t do this and he wouldn’t.

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God bless you


8 thoughts on “Just this Once…

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  2. nice one Koshie. “just this once” has landed a lotta ppl with unwanted pregnancies, a cancelled exam result, a divorce or a couple of years behind bars. solid message


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